A/N A Poem dedicated to someone very dear to myself, but will never have me be dear to them

Behind The Looking Glass

I wonder when it was,

When I first knew that

I had fallen in love

As if I had known that at

The moment when I

First knew you

I would forever be

Behind the looking glass too

As you pined for so many

Yet never for me

I was always be your side

And forever more shall I be

You thought I was different

You guessed I was odd

I thought you were beautiful

Yet away you do not shod

Though nothing would keep us together

Maybe we could steal time

To be without the glass separating

Just for you to be mine

I still watch you today

As you fall for so many others

I see and I pray

Just hoping you're happy

I will always watch you

This love will eternally last

Forever, now, and a day more

From behind the looking glass…