(A/N: Whoooo update! yeah I needed 2 pieces for the young authors compatation, and I wanted to try something new so - dun dun dun NA a sonnet. I've never written one before so it's not the greatest but atlest I tried right? anyway I promise that I will update soon)

Never Shall I Play

I'm rushing onward to where I don't know

What I need I fear I will never find

Am I destined to continue this show?

I feel as if I have been struck down blind

I am lost in a sea of twisted lies

I'm searching for something won't be found

I'm screaming but no one can hear my cries

I am I tired of being tossed around

I refuse to be the pawn in this game

My heart is suspended on a thin string

I will not face having to stay the same

I'll not stand this pain I'll be my own king

This is the folly that I am sick of

I will not play part to this game of love