I lay awake at night

And think to myself

What would it be like too?

Just be free again?

Free like the wind

That brushes through your hair

Free as the tears

That flow from your beautiful eyes

Oh how I wish I could taste that freedom

Like I used too, all those years ago

Oh how I dream of being free once again

To walk in the sun like any other man

Free as the birds

That fly in the sky

Free as the flowers

That you look upon with you welcoming grace

But alas I am locked in here

Away from the sunlight

And most importantly away from you!

I want to be free to be able to see you

Smile at me like you used too!

As I whisper "I love you"

I close my eyes

And picture you in my mind

Your beauty outshining the Goddess Aphrodite herself

You are the apple of my eye

The one I dream of holding in my arms every day and night

You're the main reason I live

The reason I haven't given up fighting for my freedom

I'll find my way back to you

Even if I need to fight the gods to do so

I promised you that I would someday return

And I am intending to keep that promise

But there is one thing I fear

After all these years that I've been gone

Have you stayed alone for me?

Or have you moved on?

Now my own free tears slipped from my eyes

At thought of you laying in another's arms tonight

As he whispered words of love in your ears

And kissed you with passion that would fill an empty hearts such as yours

But it kills me inside you know that you could've moved on

Yet I knew that you would

I knew that you wouldn't waste years of loneliness

Just to wait for my return

Yet I wish you did and maybe that's true

But how can I tell?

When I am locked away from you?

More tears fell

I wanted so badly to see you

To hold you in my arms as we slept by each other

I wanted to be free

Free as the winds, my tears that flowed freely now, the birds and flowers

However the gods wouldn't let me go

I was to be punished for my crimes against them

And being locked away from you, the sunlight and the moonlight

Was the very punishment

I knew I shouldn't have murdered that woman

And stolen her child

But I had a job that I had to do

To keep you safe from harm

And if that was the only way

I was more than willing to take it

Yet I remember the look of distrust that came to your face

When you found out what I had done

You yelled at me that I was such a fool

Maybe I was but just remember darling

I did all of that for YOU!