It has been two days since Harmony met Menomaru in the garden and for those past two days' and nights' Harmony couldn't seem to get him off of her mind. Every thought she had always ended up with Menomaru in it no matter how hard she tried to forget about him; She just couldn't. So here she was now, sitting at her vanity, brushing her long hair, humming to herself that she didn't even notice the window open and a fast-moving figure step into her room.

Menomaru snuck into Harmony's room and looked around to see where she was and noticed she was sitting at her vanity, eyes closed and humming while brushing her hair; Smirking he walked over to her and placed his claw hand over her eyes. "Guess who?" he whispered into her ear, noticing the shiver that coursed through her body with amusement and before he let her answer he moved his hands away and turned Harmony to look at him. "Menomaru? What are you doing hear and in my room?" Harmony asked when she noticed whom it was that snuck into her room, "I thought I come see you, and this time I don't have any wounds" Menomaru joked crossing his arms, a cocky smirk graced his lips; "I see so I guess you were being a good boy and decided not to spy on women bathing any more?" Harmony huffed turning back to her vanity and started braiding her hair when Menomaru grabbed her hands stopping her and began braiding her hair himself.

Harmony froze when he did this, before a light shade of a red blush appeared on her cheeks. Why was he doing this? She asked herself confused beyond all reason of why he started to braid her hair himself. And Menomaru was asking himself the same question, 'why the hell am I braiding her hair? I'm acting like I'm planning on courting her, but I can't she's a human and I will not drop to the level of dating a fifthly mortal!' Menomaru mentally smacked himself before he finished the braid and backed away from her as far as possible like to the other side of the room. Feeling Menomaru finished, Harmony breathed out the breath she didn't know she was even holding in the whole time and instead on turning to look at him, Harmony just looked down at her hands; Suddenly interested in her red stone ring that was on her finger. It was the gift that her mother had given to her on her 7th birthday.

Menomaru looked at her as she fiddled with the ring on her hand, he tried to tear his eyes away from her but he just couldn't. He had just agreed to fix her hair without her even asking, he had only seen males like his friends from his tribe do something like that when they decided to court their mates. Clenching his fists he looked away from her and before heading over to the window and was about to jump out it when Harmony's voice stopped him, "Planning on leaving so soon Menomaru? After all you're the one that came to see me" Harmony was now standing on her feet and facing him a smile on her lushes lips; Lips that made Menomaru want to kiss senseless but he shook that thought from his head before he did just that. "Then maybe that was a bad idea of coming here" Menomaru growled but he suddenly wished that he didn't say that because he smelled and noticed the tears that were coming to Harmony's eyes, and as sure of that the tears soon spilled from Harmony's eyes down her cheek and disappearing off her chin.

Once again mentally smacking himself, Menomaru felt his feet dragging him over to her automatically and before he knew it he was standing in front of her wiping the tears from her eyes and kisses her on the forehead while whispering, "please don't cry?"

Harmony's choked on a sob, and stopped her tears just as Menomaru whispered those words and once again she was blushing. She looked up at him, and met his eyes. And for what seemed like forever they just stood there looking into each others eyes like that was the only thing there was in the world at that very moment. It was Menomaru that snapped out of it first and when he noticed how close they were he jumped back and went over to the window, "I'll come for you tomorrow if you wish human for now I must return to my tribe before they come looking for me" that was all Menomaru said before jumping out of the window and out of sight; "He's got to stop appearing and disappearing like it was nothing" Harmony grumbled and if her parents heard her they would say it was very un-lady like. Huffing to herself she walked over to her bed and pulled back the covered before climbing in and pulling the covers tightly around her, she was asleep just as her head hit the pillow.

Just outside the window a pair of glowing green eyes watched what had just taken place in the room, "Ah so this is the human he kept muttering to himself about, father will be very pleased to hear about this" said the figure before he too disappeared into the night.