Menomaru was laying on the bed of furs that was in his room in the main cave that belonged to his father the leader of the wolf demon tribe. He didn't care that he like some demons lived in a cave he was a demon after all and it didn't bother him, or any of his fellow wolves they were away from humans and everything else. His eyes were closed but he still smelled the scent of his younger brother by 200 years walks in, "What is it that you want Cathal?" Menomaru demanded snapping his eyes open to look at his younger brother; Menomaru hated him. Why? That was because he was their fathers' favorite and even though Menomaru himself was the heir to the tribe Cathal was the jewel of their fathers' eyes and always was.

"Where were you last night?" Cathal asked smirking, and Menomaru knew that smirk it meant that Cathal knew something that he wasn't supposed to; "I was no where and out with it what are you hiding?" Menomaru sneered jumping to his feet. "Oh it isn't what I am hiding brother it's what your hiding from father and the pack" Cathal stated his smirk widening, Menomaru's eye's widen Cathal couldn't possibly know about Harmony? Could he? "What are you talking about?" Menomaru stuttered hoping that it wasn't true but his hopes were crushed at his brother's next answer; "I saw you with that human girl, who was she? If you tell me I might not tell father" Cathal asked tapping his foot on the ground. "Her name is Harmony Hato and yes she's a human so what? It's not like she can cause any harm" Menomaru answered looking away from his brothers' gaze, "Oh but she could Menomaru, she could I saw what you did to her, braided her hair, wiped away her tears and kissed her forehead you're falling in love with that mortal wench" Cathal spat out and after he said those ver words he was pinned to the wall with Menomaru's claws wrapped around his neck.

"Don't you ever call Harmony a wench again you hear me?" Menomaru growled tightening his grib he had on Cathal's neck, "Or what you're going to kill me Menomaru?" Cathal asked gasping for breath and trying to wrench out of his brothers grib.

"Not just yet I'm not, but if you go to father about this, than I might just have to Cathal, who cares if I'm falling for a mortal that is my own business and it isn't nothing of your's! So bug off and get out of my room" Menomaru sneered letting go of Cathal's neck and backing up some. "Fine. Your secret is safe with me for now big brother but not for long" Cathal left the room while rubbing his neck. When he was gone Menomaru started cursing and throwing things across the room, 'How could I have been so dense as to let him follow me and now unless I do something Harmony is in danger' Menomaru cursed himself before collapsing against the wall, burying his face in his hands, blocking out the screams out confusion and frustration that came from his very soul. It was still dark outside so he couldn't go and see her now unless he wanted a member of the pack to catch him and reports him to his father.

Clenching his fists tightly until he drew blood, Menomaru to his feet and stormed out of his room, not really caring who was watching he was half way out of the cave when a voice stopped him, "Where are you going Menomaru?"

Turning around he noticed it was one of his friends that he had since childhood, "I'm hungry Faxon, don't follow me" Menomaru answered before once again storming out of the cave and into the forest before Faxon could answer. He was running through the forest like there was no end, one things on his mind get to Harmony and take her somewhere safe before Cathal told their father; He knew that Cathal would right after he left Menomaru's room. Cathal was never the one to keep a promise or anything that Menomaru did a secret. So that meant by now their father Lajos had found out the human girl, his eldest son was keeping a secret and Menomaru had only a little while to get Harmony and to get her to safety. Even if it meant kidnaping her.

Upon reaching the Hato mansion he jumped over the garden wall and over to Harmony's window whish luckily was still open; Jumping into the window he bounded over to the bed and looked down upon the sleeping girl that lay there. A soft grin came to his face and he reached out and brushed a strand of hair out of Harmony's face, he breathed in quickly when he saw her open her eyes and watched as Harmony looked up at him with half-widened eyes. "Menomaru what are you doing here so late?" she yawned sitting up, "I have to get you out of here, Harmony you're in danger, my brother found out about you and he told my father! If I don't get you out of here, my fathers' going to find you and kill you" Menomaru gave a hurry explanation as Harmony's eyes widen even more. "Now hurry gather what you need, we must hurry and get you out of here" Menomaru picked Harmony out of bed and onto her feet, "But what about my family?" Harmony asked concerned for her parents and all the staff that was in the mansion. "He won't hurt any of them knowing that I haven't talked to them he only wants you killed but I can't tell her why right now, now please pack and get ready to leave" Menomaru practically begged Harmony.

Nodding Harmony rushed around her room gathering what she needed in a bag before walking back over to Menomaru who was standing, once she was next to him Menomaru picked her up in his arms bridal style and jumped out the window heading into the dark dense forest. Picking up his fathers' scent near by and he headed off in searches for a safe place for him and Harmony; A place where his father wouldn't find them or at least not for a while!