Cathal stormed from Menomaru's room, and if you looked close enough you could see that he was fuming at the mouth. 'If that bastard thinks I'm going to keep quiet he's got another thing coming? After this father will have to disown Menomaru and make me his heir!' Cathal thought to himself just as he stormed into his father's main chambers. "FATHER!?" he called out causing all the members of the pack that was in the room was a meeting, besides his father, to jump; "What is it Cathal?" Lajos growled standing up eyes narrowing at his youngest offspring.

"I have some news that you might be interested in" Cathal bowed to his father, Lajos raised an eyebrow as he looked at his son, nodding Lajos ordered the rest of his pack out of the room. The wolves' demons didn't bother protesting as they rushed out of the room some tripping over their own two feet.

"We are alone now Cathal, what is this news you need to tell me?" Lajos asked sitting down again still amused that his son dared to walk in on a meeting when he would usually wait to tell him something for he would get punished but here he was kneeling before him and smirk on his face. "OUT WITH IT CATHAL I DO NOT HAVE ALL NIGHT!" Lajos shouted so loud that it seems to shake the stones on the cave walls and Cathal lost his smirk right away and shrink back just a little from his father; "Well father it's something to do with Menomaru . . . " Cathal started the smirk returning and an evil glint in his eyes. "What about your brother?" Lajos growled baring his fangs at the mention of his eldest son, it wasn't like he hated his son that much it was just that Menomaru reminded him so much of his now dead mate. So over the years he had been paying more attention to Cathal then Menomaru.

"I caught him with a young human female by the name of Harmony Hato and it seems like he has fallen for her! I saw them earlier tonight and he braided her hair without permission and stopped her tears, he is thinking of courting her in our ways!" Cathal explained getting ready for his father to explode but when it didn't come he looked up and saw that his father was nowhere is sight all was left were the claws marks where Lajos had dug his claws into his throne.

Lajos was furious, no he was beyond that, how dare his son think about courting a female that was a bloody no good for nothing human. Growling he followed his sons scent to a mansion that smell entirely of humans except for the slight scent of Menomaru; snarling he followed the scent to a window and jumped into it. Not even knowing what he was doing he started tearing apart the room for this Harmony Hato that dares capture his sons' heart. He was completely over taken with rage.

He soon calmed down when he noticed that there was no one in the room, he had guessed that Menomaru had figured out what was going on and had taken the girl somewhere he couldn't find them. Oh but he would no matter how he would find them and kill the girl, but first torture Harmony in front of Menomaru, then kill her and spread her blood over his sons' body while laughing all the same. Smirking he fled from the room, as more thoughts of torturing and killing Harmony fresh in his mind.