A/N Author's note will be up here so that you all can see it. This is a REWRITTEN Chapter 32, as I found that the previous one I wrote felt unfinished. The sequel will be coming out very soon, and I hope you all prefer this re-written chapter better. I find it amusing.:-) Enjoy.

Not Quite The End

Madison's' Journal – PRIVATE.

"Are you aware that you have skipped internal suspension for the past few days?" Principal Curtis asked angrily, his face going an awesome shade of blotchy purple.

I tilted my head to one side questioningly. "Are you aware that you talking to me like that is in vain and therefore you should avoid it?"


Both Principal Curtis and I turned to see Jason standing in the doorway. He leaned against the frame, one hand in his pockets. I felt my cheeks burn. "Jason, I am very busy at the moment. I'll speak to you later."

"I just wanted to know when this quarter ends."

Principal Curtis cast his son an impatient look. "In two weeks."

"When do the new computers arrive?"

"Three days from now."

I stared at Jason, but his expression didn't betray any emotion that I could decipher. "Have you called mom yet?"

"No." Principal Curtis answered slowly, gripping the edge of his desk.

"Okay. Thanks." Jason grinned, and left the office.

His father looked at the door questioningly, before facing me again. "Madison," he began, his voice still somewhat angry, "As I was saying-"

"Mr. Curtis?" Miss Lincoln stuck her head through his doorway.

He furrowed his brow, dark eyes narrowed in annoyance. "Yes?"

"You have a call from your wife."

I stifled a laugh as he reached for the phone on his desk. "Mr. Curtis?" the secretary said quickly, "It's on the second phone in the reception."

Principal Curtis glared at both Miss Lincoln and I for a few moments, gritting his teeth. "Show up for internal suspension and stay out of trouble Madison." He told me finally, before marching out of his office.

I slumped into the leather seat, rubbing the back of my neck. A huge grin had crept onto my face. Jason could be shrewd when he wanted to, that was for sure.

I examined the violet nail varnish that was chipping off my nails and tilted my head back. I didn't feel like going to lunch at the moment, so I figured it wouldn't do me any harm to stay here until Principal Curtis returned.

I heard the door close almost after I thought of staying. I sighed and began to stand up. "Yes I'm leaving now."

The door lock clicked into place. That's when I whirled around and found Jason looking straight at me, his hands poised over the door knob. "Hey." He said to me simply.

I took a small step back, feeling strangely freaked out by the prospect of being locked in a room that I was extremely attracted to. – The boy's father's office, no less.

"There were some things that we didn't clear up Maddie." Jason said, stalking towards me, "And I think it's going to bother us till we do."

Ah. Crap.

"What do you want to talk about?" I inquired a little nervously, almost forgetting the minor make out session we shared at the nurse's office yesterday.

Damn he could make me melt.

He came to the chair I was sitting on, and I moved away. He sat down in it calmly, his eyes roving over me in a slow deliberate manner. I swallowed hard when I realized he was giving me the once-over.

"We never quite cleared up what happened at Dawn Fletcher's party." He began, resting his hands on the arm rests, his expression solemn, "I think now that you'll listen, I can tell you what happened."

My back hit the edge of Principal Curtis's desk. "What makes you think I'll listen to you?"

A small smile flickered on his face. "For starters, you've had my tongue in your mouth several times this month – week even – and secondly, you're locked in the same room as I am and I'm blocking the exit."

He was absolutely right about the first thing. The second thing scared me. "Go on." I nodded.

"I came to the party with Joshua." Jason explained, and I sat back on the desk, "Both my cousin and I were looking for a fun time, and some girls to spend it with, so we both figured that Dawn's party would be perfect. We were on a break at the time, so I was free to 'test' the market'." He created quotation marks with his fingers.

I cleared my throat, raising an eyebrow. "You womanizing bastard."

"I try." He shrugged, his flickering smile growing into a genuine one, "Anyways, I hadn't seen you in a long time, so I didn't recognize you. I saw you standing in a corner with some black-haired guy, and had Joshua walk up to you with a drink to tell you I was interested."

"Couldn't tell me yourself?" Part of me was flattered at the fact that Jason was too shy to talk to me, but I kept it to myself.

"It's a guy thing." Jason continued, but he grinned nonetheless, "I wasn't counting on Joshua doing anything to you, but I later found out he had spiked your drink with aphrodisiac, and…kissed you."

I went red. Jason either didn't notice or pretended not to. "He led you to the bedroom. Knowing Joshua, he would have ended up having sex with you." Seeing my horrified expression, he added hastily, "He told me it was because he just broke up with his girlfriend."

Tori. Right. It figured. "Keep going." I said reluctantly.

"I followed him into the bedroom, and found him undressing you." Jason's voice dropped uncomfortably, "I pulled him off and told him to get lost. After that, I decided I'd stay a bit, seeing how I still hadn't had anything to drink, and tend to you." I saw his ears turn slightly pink and suppressed a maniacal grin, "I saw you looked vaguely familiar but thought nothing of it."

"Um." I said intelligently, but Jason shook his head, "Let me finish." His voice was strained, so I let him.

"I ended up kissing you." Jason admitted, "I don't know how the hell it happened, but somehow I did. I-I was sober. Dammit, I didn't think I would do anything that stupid. I thought I could trust myself."

"You were wrong." I finished for him.

Jason didn't lower his head; instead, he shifted on the spacious chair, casting me a longing look. "It was only when Nathan burst in that I found out it was you, Madison Carter, the girl from whom I used to steal Mars Bars."

"Explain the pain I felt in my lower abdomen then." I gritted my teeth as I spoke.

When I said this, Jason's entire face promptly flooded with bight pink. "That was caused by the friction."


He rubbed his throat. "The…friction."

"Friction? What the hell are you talking about?"

"We had dry sex Maddie."

Okay. WHAT?

Awkward silence. WHAT? WHAT?


"You did rape me!" I cried.

"It doesn't count as rape."

"Molested me! Whatever! Same thing!"

Jason stood up from the chair, his face growing even redder. "You didn't exactly stop me."

"I was wasted! And on stimulants! What the hell was I supposed to do?"

"I'm only male Maddie – I get turned on easily."

"Well keep to yourself dammit!"

"We both wanted it. I was turned on, and so were you – and you didn't complain. Drunk or not you would've have done it."

"Arrogant asshole!"

"Stop screaming Maddie."


He blinked, and I stared at him. Jason Curtis had had dry sex with me at Dawn Fletcher's party during freshman year. Not to mention that he made out with me, and had his cousin chat me up.

Did I mention I had DRY SEX with Jason?

I did a double take. This meant I didn't lose my virginity to Jason. This meant I didn't become unclean at the tender age of fifteen. This meant…

…I lost my virginity to my second boyfriend Philip Barclay.

Oh my god. Will the earth swallow me up now. Please?

"I'm sorry Maddie." Jason said, though obviously in vain, "I assumed it was consensual."

My breathing was ragged. My eyesight was going blurry, and I blamed it on the fact that tears had formed in my eyes. Great. Now not only what I was utterly humiliated and feeling stupid, I also had to go and bawl my eyes out like some demented baby. "I'm sorry." Jason repeated hoarsely.

He actually looked sorry. I moved back until I was against something solid – the office wall – and practiced a couple of breathing exercise. In, and out. In, and out. My forehead was pricked with beads of cold sweat.

Jason stood still, his gaze unwavering. I knew he didn't know what to say. Hell. I didn't know what to say either. I rubbed the back of my neck uncomfortably. "Look Maddie." Jason finally said, and I stood up straight, alert.

As pathetic as it sounded, and as much as I wanted to jump, tear my hair out and run screaming out of this damned school, I still wanted to hear what Jason was going to say. He approached me slowly, as if he was scared I'd bite him.

I didn't blame him.

"I'm leaving at the end of this school year."

No shit? Weren't we all?

"And…" he continued, being very emotional for a guy, "…I'm going to be going to a college in Los Angeles."

That's when my heart dropped. Jason was going to the other side of the USA?

Oh God no.

"Why?" I blurted out, forgetting about being stunned and embarrassed for a moment and moving towards Jason, grasping his shoulders tightly in the process, "Why are you going to LA?"

"Because I got accepted there." He explained slowly, his hands sliding to hold mine.

That's when I realized he was very close to me. How he managed that feat I owed to the fact that I had a temporary stint of insanity and had drawn myself to him. Damn hormones.

"Look," he said slowly, and I inhaled sharply, "I know what I did to you in Freshman year was wrong. I've felt bad about it, and every time you chastise it's a whole new guilt trip. One I hate to have but know I must."

He was pulling the wounded Romeo on me.


"But," Jason continued, his thumb tracing the outlines of my palms, causing me to inwardly shiver, "I can let you know I'm sorry. I can let you know that I feel like crap for having done that. And I can let you know that despite me having apologized, I understand if you don't want to be with me."

Too many revelations under two minutes could kill a person, I swear.

I unhooked my hands from his and brushed a lock of hair form my face. Still red, but no streaks. I really had to get around to buying a bottle of purple dye. "We've got five months left." Jason whispered, not trying to re take my hands in any way.

All of a sudden, I wanted to cry. It wasn't fair. Jason had molested me – in some way or the other – and even if I forgave him, I'd only spend five months with him.

Then what?

His warm, dark eyes were watching me. I could feel them.

I lowered my head and wound my arms around his waist, resting my head against his chest. It was consolation to hear his heart thudding hard. A big consolation. Jason reluctantly slipped his fingers onto my neck.

"Five months is more than enough." I said into his shirt.

He just pulled me to him and held me tighter.

The music was loud, the sound deafening, and once again, the world was vibrating incessantly beneath my feet. I found my way through the crow, grateful that Rhine and I had rented out a room at the nearby hotel, as opposed to trying to hold a dorm party.

Dorms were way too small.

Especially to fit half of the entire school population.

I jumped when a pair of hands clamped onto my shoulders. I whirled around to find Nathan grinning down at me. His cheeks were flushed, a sure sign that he had drank a little more than he was supposed to.

Not that I cared. He deserved every minute of it.

"Having fun?" I yelled over the din.

He nodded eagerly. "I think I'm going to score tonight."

I punched his arm. "That's all you think of."

He shrugged. At once, my friends materialized behind me. Kyle had his arm slung over Dion's shoulders, a clear indication that they had sorted themselves out. Rhine hovered at Nathan's other shoulder, hands linked with Dominic. Lee and Tori stood at either of my sides, giving each other knowing looks.

My stomach sank. "What's going on?" I inquired.

Lee's hand closed over my left arm, Tori taking the right. I began to be pushed from the center of the room, towards the exit. I squirmed lightly, "What the hell?" I demanded.

"Just follow the sound of my voice." Lee's familiar tone said in my ear as his warm hand slid over my eyes.

I went limp in my friend's grasps and allowed them to lead me to wherever. As we walked, I turned to the direction I assumed Nathan was in. "Nathan?" I said gently.

"Yes, I am enjoying the party you organized for me." His voice replied promptly, followed by a small pat on my shoulder.

At least he was there. A strange thought crossed my mind, that maybe they were leading me to the woods to kill me, a la' Blair Witch. I shook my head. They had most probably organized something strange for me. Something-

"Okay now leave her."

"Guys?" I wasn't even able to pose any further questions before Lee's hand left my eyes and the group disappeared back into the party.

I stood still for a moment, bemused. What was going on?

That's when a scent caught my attention. The slightest, yet ever present smell of mars bars. I blinked and watched slowly as Jason emerged from the shadows – adding to the drama of all the happenings.

And I hate dramas. They make me cry.

"Hi." He said to me.

My heart rate cranked into fifth gear. I inhaled sharply. He looked good enough to eat. I resisted the urge to thread my fingers through his tousled blonde hair. "Hey." I managed in a convincing voice, "Enjoying Nathan's farewell party?"

My stomach dropped a little as the words left my mouth. Nathan had promised to keep contact – but then what? Would we really maintain contact after so many years? The thought scared me.

But going back to the present.

Jason approached me. I could feel his warmth. I could feel his dark eyes trained on me. I could feel my heart thudding painfully against my ribs.

"Maddie." His voice was warm, "I know I'm moving after the school year ends-"

In less than four months now.

"-But," he continued, "I got you something. I don't want to lose contact."

He slipped into my hand a small white envelope. I stared down at it, dumbfounded. An envelope? Why the hell would you give someone an envelope?

"Maddie." He repeated, and this time, his voice was a little more hoarse.

I glanced up at him, my eyes traveling up from his streaked black collared-shirt, to meet his steady gaze. It made my knees go weak. I even forgot to ask why he gave me an envelope.

Then, like Nathan, he said: "I don't want to lose touch with you."

His fingers wove through mine, but that barely registered. I could only focus on his warm breath tickling my face. And how it felt good. I wanted him to stop talking, but he kept going. "I know its hard to believe this, but I've felt something for you since…" he took a deep breath, "…since a long time."

"Why are you leaving?" The words left me before I could stop them.

"I didn't think you'd be here when I applied. I didn't think I'd have to find you, and let old feelings resurface." He grasped my shoulders, "Maddie, I didn't think I'd have to come along with my dad to the exact same school you were in, and fall in love with the same girl that drove me crazy a decade ago."

My throat went dry.

Jason was in love with me.

Oh god. I was so going to hell now.

"We have four months." I found myself saying.

"Four months." He repeated.

I clutched the envelope tightly. Jason's mouth quirked slightly at the corners. I found myself smiling, then full-on grinning at him. "Four months isn't a long time." He told me softly.

I laughed. "Well, then let's make the most of them."

5 years later.

Nadine burst into my room laughing shrilly. "I can't believe you're moving out!" she exclaimed, then threw her arms around me. We both collapsed onto the bed and I found myself laughing along with her.

"You're so old now." She grinned, "Twenty three years old."

I pinched her cheeks and she winced. "You're not so young either."

"Nine." She stuck her tongue out at me.

I smiled, but I felt troubled. I had already graduated from University, and had been accepted to work at an advertising agency. It felt odd to be leaving home. But there you go.

"When you see a cool ad on TV, you'll know who made it." I told Naddie.

She giggled. "I'll tell all the girls at school my sister made it."

"Yes." I sighed, "Yes she did."

Naddie loosened herself from me and walked around my almost-bare room. "You'll visit us, right?" she pouted.

I nodded. "Of course."

"Good." She turned around, her pigtails hitting the sides of her face.

She walked to my bookshelf, and sifted through the boxers. "What are you doing?" I laughed.

"I want to-" she cried out and a book felt onto the floor.

She quickly scooped it into her hands, blushing apologetically. "Sorry, It fell."

"No, bring it here."

She complied and set it on my lap, before quickly settling beside me on the edge of my bed. It was my high school Senior Year yearbook. My breath caught upon seeing it. Memories rushed past. I paused, before flipping open the cover.

Cursive writing covered the front page.

Davidson Academy 2005-06.

I flicked through the pages, Naddie's breathing fading into the background. I flipped quickly to C.

And stared.

It was me, smiling brightly out of the book, my red hair loose and curling loosely around my shoulders. Violet streaks decorated certain locks. My breath hitched.

Then there was Lee Conroy. His heavily-lined black eyes were in stark contrast of the grin he was sporting. I felt myself smile back at his photograph. Out of all my friends, at present I was still managing to keep contact with all of them.

The girls I still saw on weekends. The guys, save for Nathan, I met up with occasionally. We had all stayed in the same place.

Except for-

I continued till I reached the last C's. My palms grew sweaty.

- Jason Curtis,

He too, was smiling. His dark eyes were warm and inviting. His hair had been cropped a little, but it was still wavy. Still wonderful to run your fingers through.

Naddie saw my expression and giggled. "Was that your boyfriend?"

"Yes." I whispered, "Yes he was."

I closed the year book abruptly and gave it back to my little sister. "Just put it in the box with the other stuff."

Before she could, she handed me a white envelope. "It was with the book." Her eyes were wide and innocent.

I took it from her, feeling the smooth paper. It was the envelope Jason had given me at Nathan's farewell party.

I hesitantly tore it open. I had forgotten about it. I fished inside and came up with a light blue and red strip of plastic-like paper. It was when I saw it that my heart stopped.

It was a ticket.

A ticket to Los Angeles.

Dated July 2006.

I was supposed to have used it to visit Jason and-

I scrunched my face.

- I was so stupid.

Nadine once again faded into the background.

I held the ticket tightly. My stomach was doing weird cartwheels.

I then felt cold. I shivered.

All this time, I had wondered if Jason thought of me. Then I gave up when no communication was held between us. In the second year of university, I acquired a boyfriend. A few more ensued.

I hung my head turning over the plane ticket.

A small note had been taped to the ticket. I placed the ticket on my bed, and unfolded the minute piece of paper.

That's when I felt like crying.

Jason had written in his defiant, bold hand writing.

You complete me.

I felt Nadine's small hands on my shoulders. "Maddie?" her voice was lined with worry.

I hugged her tightly, and she let me. "Did your boyfriend give you that?"

"Yes," my voice was garbled, "He did."

"Don't you have to go to work now?"

"I do Naddie."

"Why are you still here?"

I pulled away from her, and she bit her lip, unsure of what to do. "I've made a mistake."

Before my younger sister could answer, my mother walked into the room, and mistook my tears for something else, because the next thing she did was hand me a letter. She had already opened it. "For you Madison."

I opened it reluctantly, only to find it was from my job. Were they going to fire me already?

"Be sure to call frequently." My mom said to me.

I raised an eyebrow. What was she on about?

Then I saw.

I was being relocated.

To San Francisco.

A/N Another note. San Francisco is in California, next to LA. Just saying. ;-)