Rebecca walks me to my room. When Maria sees me from the end of the hall, she stands up, and I start crying. I walk into my room and sit down on the bed that I wish wasn't mine. Maria follows me and says something to Rebecca about Suzy. Rebecca leaves, and Maria sits down beside me. She doesn't say anything. She doesn't have to.

I hear the quiet rapid footsteps of someone running barefoot. They don't let us wear shoes here. They're afraid we'll stab each other or hang ourselves with our shoelaces. Besides, it's not like we're going anywhere.

Suzy appears in the doorway. She looks like she's going to kill someone. She twists her mouth in thought before snatching up my notebook and a felt-tip pen and handing them to me. "Write down what happened. I want to know."

I try to focus. I open the notebook to a blank page and uncap the pen. Closing my eyes, I try to concentrate on exactly what happened. I write it all down before handing the notebook to Suzy. She reads it aloud, so Maria can understand.

The bell rings for dinner. Suzy gives me a hug and says, "Don't worry. They'll get theirs." Then she leaves to go eat dinner. I feel too sick to eat at the moment, and Maria knows it. She tells me to get some rest before leaving, and I change into some of the pajamas they let me keep. I crawl into bed and sink into blissful unconsciousness.