Episode Two: First Date

Date One Outline:

- First date for the show will take place this coming Saturday at the La Bella restaurant.

- There is a semi formal dress code for the evening.

- Please meet inside the restaurant before seven.

- The bachelor will arrive at seven-thirty and throughout the night, he will be asking each of you for a dance to get to know you better.

- There will be three cameras stationed around the room plus an additional hand-held camera so that every action will be filmed. You will also be wired with a small microphone during filming.

- After the evening has finished, each person must take a video camera to record their thoughts about the night. These cameras are yours for the duration of the show and will be your little digital diaries—it is your responsibility to take care of these cameras!

- When you have finished with your diary entry, you must give them back to either Isabelle or Landon on Tuesday morning so that they can be edited into the final cut.

- Remember that the Rose Elimination will take place in the auditorium after school on Monday.


I glared daggers at Kassi's locker door while my friends continued to cry with laughter around me. I glowered at them as my forehead began to throb with pain. Friday morning and I'd managed to make a complete idiot of myself. I looked at my so-called friends and whimpered, "Oh god! Is it bleeding? I'm bleeding aren't I?"

My questions only made them laugh harder. What made the situation worse was Landon appearing out of nowhere and joining in with them. How on earth did he even know what happened? And why was he laughing so hard? I glared at my media partner and asked him.

"I heard…the bang…from the other…side…of …the hall," he managed to wheeze out. The girls doubled over at that. Emily and Kassi were holding onto their sides while Alana kept herself from falling on the floor by leaning on Landon who was wiping tears from his eyes.

Of course something like this had to happen to me. I was innocently taking out books from my bottom locker—which I got out of default at the start of the school year because I was shorter than Kassi—and as I was getting up, Kassi's locker door corner which was extremely sharp scraped my forehead and the bridge of my nose. See how not funny the situation was? Apparently my friends didn't think so. They kept on howling with laughter.

"Hey, what's going on?" a deep voice asked from behind my friends.

I felt my cheeks begin to burn. As if I wasn't already embarrassed enough, now Liam was here to witness my klutziness in all its glory. I kept my head bent towards the floor, trying to hide my face and hoping that he would just pass by. No such luck. My friends parted to let Liam through and I could see his shiny black leather shoes standing out from the rest. The sight of his snazzy looking shoes was soon replaced by his handsome looking face. I could only gawk. He was bending down to inspect my inury, a hand moving hair away from my forehead. "Shit, you're bleeding." He murmured, but I barely heard it. I was too lost in those mesmerizing green eyes of his. Eyes that were looking back at me with genuine concern. I let out a breath I hadn't realized I'd been holding.

I then felt Emily by my side and heard her gasp, "Oh jeez, Izzy, you cut yourself."

Emily's voice snapped me back to reality and my already burning face, flamed even more having caught myself staring at Liam. Quickly averting my eyes away from Liam to Emily, I grabbed my best friend's arm and made a run to the toilets.

Isabelle slid into a chair at her lunch table and hissed at her friends who were already seated.

"Come on Izzy. It isn't that bad." Alana said, taking a sip of her water.

Kassi nodded, "Yeah, you can barely tell that it's there at all."

"At least it's stopped bleeding," Emily added.

Isabelle slammed her juice down on the table with mock anger, "Are you kidding me? I look like Harry Potter's freaking girlfriend!" She then turned towards Kassi, "I am suing your locker's ass for it."

Everyone around her burst out laughing and this time Isabelle went along with them. If it hadn't happened to her, Isabelle would've laughed herself silly at the incident. And anyway, she got an up close with the most wanted guy at school. Most girls would have killed to have been in her place.

At the thought of Liam, Isabelle's stomach gave a slight flutter. Whether it was because of humiliation of having Liam seeing her face oozing with blood or because he'd actually cared, she did not really know. Perhaps it was a mixture of both.

"You know what I like about you guys?" Landon cut in. He'd been on his way towards his own table when he had spotted the girls. "You always seem to be having a good laugh." He sat down, "And you don't need to bitch about somebody or talk about your latest conquest in order to have fun."

Kassi smirked, "Your table getting to you Landon?"

Landon rolled his eyes, "As much as I hate to admit this, my group sucks in the interesting conversation department." He gave them all a pointed look towards the table in the middle of the cafeteria where Liam, Carter and a few other people who were considered to be the school's elite were sitting and causing a raucous.

Emily looked at Carter with disgust as he wrapped his arms around two girls and kissed them both. Meanwhile Isabelle noticed that Liam was looking on with a bored expression.

Landon turned his attention back towards his company, "There's never a dull moment with you girls around."

Alana giggled, twirling a lock of blond hair, "Yeah especially with Harry Potter's girlfriend here." The others sniggered.

Isabelle narrowed her eyes and smiled, "Watch it Ala, wouldn't want anyone to find out about your weird obsession with The Hoff."

Alana's blue eyes grew big, "I do not!"

"You mean David Hasslehoff?" Kassi squealed. "That is so gross!"

There were a few more half hearted jibes between the girls before Landon got down to business, "So Saturday's the big day, how's everyone holding up?"

Both Alana and Kassi expressed their excitement while Emily was disappointed she couldn't make it as she and Carter finally decided to do a report on a charity event that was happening in the city that same night.

Isabelle's eyes sparked, "That sounds like a really great idea Em. I would love to trade places with you on Saturday."

"You don't want to come to La Bella with us? They have the best pizzas in town." Everyone looked up to see the King of Trinity Grammar standing before them. He was looking at Isabelle directly, waiting for a reply.

Isabelle gave an awkward smile and shrugged the question off meekly, "Oh, I was just saying is all." She murmured. Liam sat on the empty seat next to Isabelle and it almost made her jump.

"How's the cut?" He asked.

There was a round of quiet snickers. Isabelle looked at her friends scornfully before mustering up her courage to meet Liam's eyes. "It' doesn't hurt so much. Thanks again for this morning."

Liam smiled sending Isabelle's pulse racing.

"So dude, what are you doing here?" Landon said, eyeing both Liam and Isabelle.

Liam grinned, "Just wanted to see why you hardly sat with us anymore. Been missing your lame ass jokes at our table, Landon."

Landon let his friend's good-humored taunt slide, "Whatever man, we were just talking about Saturday night."

"Yeah, can't wait," Liam replied, though Isabelle heard a hint of doubt in his voice.

Alana gave Liam a flirtatious smile, "Don't worry; you'll be in safe hands."

"Yeah, we'll have a great time," Kassi said, looking at Alana evenly.

Isabelle rested her chin on her palm, feeling a little more relaxed now that Liam's attention was elsewhere. It was a good thing she wasn't part of the game, she wouldn't know how to handle being around someone as magnetic as Liam Sanders.


I looked at my bathroom mirror and gave my reflection the once over. I was decked out in a nice pair of black slacks and a freshly ironed shirt teamed with a black vest. And not to sound too arrogant, but I looked pretty damn good; which was good because I was feeling anything but good. I was anxious as hell. Any other guy would have been jumping for joy at the opportunity of going out with five gorgeous girls all at the one time. Not me, not tonight, not if one those girls was your ex-girlfriend.

I'd always known Tam to be a competitive girl, strong-willed and confident, not to mention incredibly sexy. Those were the things that I had fallen for at the beginning. But why she wanted to take part in Landon's project completely lost me. She was the one who broke our relationship off in the first place, and now, all of a sudden, she wanted me back? It just didn't make sense. Then again, Tammy was always difficult to understand.

During the four years we were together, I always felt that I had to be someone else for her. Always watching what I did and said so I wouldn't hurt her and showering her expensive gifts to show her how much I really cared. I always had to report to her whenever I wanted to go out to places that didn't involve her, meanwhile she'd stay mad at me for weeks whenever I asked where she'd been when I would find photos of her online at random parties I knew nothing about. At the time, I just thought it was cute that she was a little possessive and allowed her to do things that I never should have because I thought I could trust her and because I was in love.

Now that I've had time to think about it, I've realized just how controlling and manipulative Tam was. It was a good thing she broke it off when she did, because I was planning to do it anyway. It just hurt the ego when I found out only a week after our falling-out that she was going out with some high school drop-kick who modeled part-time for some magazine.

It hurt like hell for a while and completely turned me off trusting girls in general. But we've been over for almost four months now and there were four other girls that I could learn to like and maybe fool around with for a while. I was a free man now. I could do and be whatever I wanted. Tonight I was going to have a hell of a good time and Tam will not stop me.

I jogged downstairs; feeling a little more energized about the night and was ready to leave when my little sister stopped me with a tug of my pants. "Hey Will, where are you going?" Meredith asked. She was only five years old and the only one who insisted on calling me Will.

I smiled and picked her up, "Hey Squirt, I'm going out for a while."

She looked back at me with a sour expression that told me I was in trouble. "I thought we were going to play and watch movies tonight." My little sister was using that small voice that always made me feel guilty into doing anything she wanted. She was another person my powers of persuasion had no control over.

I kissed her forehead. "It's okay Squirt, I'll be back later and I promise we'll stay up all night and watch cartoons. I'll even tell mum to let you up past your bedtime."

She looked back at me, eyes already twinkling. "Really, Will?"

I chuckled putting her back down. "I promise. Now you better let me get out of here before I make five girls very angry for being late."

Meredith tilted her face to look at me, her big green eyes contorted. "Do you have a new girlfriend?"

I shook my head, making her smile. She gave me a small hug, "Good, because I don't want you going out with someone bad like Tam."

I laughed and patted her golden mop of hair, "Yeah, me neither Squirt."

[Text Messages]

(Landon to Liam)

Yo, dude, where r u? Ur gonna b late

(Isabelle to Emily)

Em, have fun at the charity bash 2nite! Wish I was there! Thnx for helping me pick out an outfit this afternoon

And oh, im cursed I tell u!

(Landon to Isabelle)

Izzy, my friend, ur lookin HOT 2nite

(Isabelle to Landon)

Landon, u moron, stop wasting ur money! I'm right next 2 u

(Emily to Isabelle)

No worries Iz, least I could do after what happened to u this afternoon on the bus! And you are NOT havin a bad luck day. You have fun too hun!

(Landon to Isabelle)

lol, I kow im right next 2 u Izzy, but I figured I'd annoy u while we wait for Liam. Hey, need ur advice on sumthin, there's this girl who's wearin this gorgeous white dress that I want to chat up, what should I say?

(Isabelle to Emily)

Oh jeez Em, Landon's bein annoyin again—ugh, just got another msg from him even though I'M RIGHT NEXT 2 HIM!

(Isabelle to Landon)

Landon, tell her that you'll stop sending her annoyin msgs and maybe she'll speak to u. Just don't hold ur breath.

(Emily to Isabelle)

Well, Carter's here, we're goin now. See ya! Email me once u finish! Want to know all the goss. Tell Landon to behave himself.

(Landon to Isabelle)

ur cute when ur angry

(Liam to Landon)

I'm here, man, just finding parking

Liam walked inside the busy restaurant and spotted Landon talking to a girl at the corner of the room. The girl was hitting Landon playfully while waving her phone at him. Liam's working overtime tonight, Liam thought to himself with a bemused smirk. She's cute. As he approached his friend and the girl, his feet stopped in mid-stride. Well damn, the cutie was actually Isabelle.

"Landon," she was saying with a mixture of annoyance and laughter. "Quit sending me these messages. I'm right here you dork!" Landon laughed back at her, avoiding her assault of playful slaps. They didn't even notice Liam approaching them until he cleared his throat, making the couple jump apart.

"Sorry I'm late."

Isabelle turned to Liam; her cheeks were a deep scarlet. "Uh, hey Liam. We were just waiting for you." She said, putting her phone into a hidden pocket of her white dress. Her full-bloom smile had disappeared at the sight of him and was replaced by a small, polite one. Liam wondered if he'd done something wrong.

"Yeah, parking was a killer to find," he said, keeping his eyes on Isabelle. Isabelle didn't return his gaze and started busying herself with camera equipment instead. "You're cut's healing." Liam tried again.

"Thanks, it is." Her reply was short and clipped and Liam didn't know why but it bothered him.

"So Liam, our dear friend Izzy thinks she's cursed," Landon chirped filling in the uncomfortable silence.

"Landon," Isabelle warned.

But Landon was already on a roll, making Isabelle squirm and blush was just too much fun. "Yeah, she fell off the bus today."

Landon received a good earned slap from Isabelle on the arm, "I didn't fall; I tripped." She replied, indignantly.

"Well then, I better keep an eye out on you, tonight," Liam said with a wink. He was rewarded with a grateful smile back. One that wasn't forced, yet it hadn't brought out her dimples either. Liam made a mental note that by the end of the night, he would see those amazing dimples of hers again.

The doorway of the restaurant sounded as another cluster of customers entered. Liam heard Landon let out a low whistle and he turned to see what his friend was staring at. He found his dates lined up near the entrance, the maître d' happily taking their shawls and bags from them. Most of the guys in the room, even those who looked like they were on dates themselves, were all gawking at the girls. Rightfully so, as each of his dates were definitely dressed to impress tonight.

Landon's hand was on Liam's shoulder, "Ready man? Time to get this show on the road."

"Let's get it started," Liam answered.

[First Date]


Liam is seated between Alana and Trish while Camille sits opposite to him, in between Kassi and Tam. The table is one full of tension.

Isabelle films all of this on the table nearby. She can tell that Liam is having trouble starting up a civil conversation with one girl without getting the others jealous.

Landon is busily eating his spaghetti.


The food finally arrives, much to Liam's relief. That's when he realizes that every one of the girls has ordered salad and a really small plate of pasta.

Landon takes over filming while Isabelle digs into her pizza with extra cheese. Liam was right, these pizzas were amazing!


Camille decides to lift her game and takes her feet out of her shoe to touch Liam's leg.

Alana drops her fork, "Who the hell is touching me?" she demands.

Camille quickly takes back her leg and munches on her salad.


Alana begins to talk to Liam about upcoming school events when Kassi jumps into the conversation followed by Tam and Camille. Liam doesn't hear a word of what they are saying.

Trish wonders why she is there and tries to excuse herself from the group. Liam sees this as his chance for an escape and asks Trish for a dance to which she reluctantly agrees to.

Tam shoots her ex-bestfriend and ex-boyfriend a nasty glare.

Landon follows Trish and Liam onto the dance floor while Isabelle keeps an eye on the girls. Claws will be coming out tonight, she thinks.


Bored, Camille chats up the guy on table three while Alana and Kassi joins Isabelle at her table and pigs out on her remaining pizza. Tam suddenly gets up and practically rips apart the couple on the dance floor.

Liam apologizes to Trish on Tam's behalf. Trish doesn't mind the interruption and walks over to Isabelle's table to join the other girls.

On the dance floor, Tam wraps her arms possessively around Liam's neck and brings their bodies closer together. Alana and Kassi gag while Isabelle and Trish share an appalled look.


"Just like old times," Tam says into Liam's ear and kisses him on the lips. Liam is shocked but against his instincts, gets carried away into the familiarity of the kiss.

The girls look on, stunned. Kassi is so dazed that she drops pizza onto her brand new and very expensive evening dress.

Alana is disgusted at what has happened and goes off with Kassi towards the ladies room to help her friend get cleaned up.

Camille is nowhere to be seen…same goes for the guy on table three.

8:20 and thirty seconds later

Liam opens his eyes and sees Isabelle's taken back expression from across the room. He finally regains control over his body and pushes Tam away, wiping his lips with the back of his hand. He tells her that the kiss was a mistake and stalks back to his table.


Everyone is once again seated at the table. Alana finally asks Liam for a dance and he offers her his arm like a perfect gentlemen. They have a great time and dance through three upbeat songs, laughing and chatting away.

Alana's beautiful with her long blond hair and ocean-blue eyes, not to mention one of the school's star athletes. She is the hailed captain of the girls' soccer team and have led them in two consecutive soccer championship wins. Liam knows that Alana is the kind of girl he could see himself falling for.

Landon takes a break from filming. He walks over to Isabelle and asks her for a dance. Isabelle laughs saying that she can't dance. It doesn't matter because Landon can't dance either. The two start making up their own steps, laughing at each other's ridiculousness.


Alana is charmed by the fact that Liam can dance and dance very well at that. A slow song begins and their conversation fades away as they come closer to each other.

Liam is distracted watching Isabelle and Landon slow dance, and accidentally steps on Alana's feet. Alana lets out a squeal of pain then excuses herself, wanting to take a rest.

Kassi takes over her position.

Camille and the guy from table three reappear, looking disheveled.

Tam tells Trish to back off from Liam. Trish tries to tell Tam that she didn't know Liam was going to be in the reality show and that she's not trying to steal him away.

Tam doesn't believe her. Trish gets angry saying that there was nothing for her to steal anyway because Liam wasn't her boyfriend any more. Tam can only glare back.

Trish sits back in her seat, a small victorious smile playing about her face.


Isabelle goes back to her table while Landon continues to film. Landon is hopeful that the other cameras caught Liam stepping on Alana's toes. He would never let his friend live that one down.

Meanwhile, Kassi and Liam have a good time dancing and talking.

Kassi tells Liam of how she and Isabelle became friends and Liam is all ears. He laughs at the fact that the first time Kassi met Isabelle was during Grade Five when Isabelle had fallen over in the school's playground and Kassi had to help her go to the nurse's office.


Camille quickly ditches the boy from table three once she realizes that it's her turn to dance with Liam.

Liam dances with Camille. He finds out nothing about her as her only focus is to shamelessly feel him up—not that Liam minds.

Trish and Isabelle continue their conversation and they get along well, as if they were old friends.

In the meantime, the other girls are seething at the fact that Liam isn't backing away from Camille's advances.


Everyone sits down and orders dessert. Camille asks if Liam would like to share a desert with her to which Liam politely declines.

Tam—not wanting to be upstaged by the girl next to her—takes her shoe off and tries to touch Liam's leg with hers. For the second time that night, Alana drops her spoon, "Who the hell keeps doing that?"

Tam chokes on her low fat ice cream.


Everyone finishes dessert in peace. Liam stands up and walks towards Isabelle and Landon's table.

Liam holds out a hand towards Isabelle, "Can I have this dance?"

Isabelle looks perplex and is about to decline when Landon gives her a small, encouraging nudge.

The two make their way towards the dance floor.

"I should warn you that I don't know how to dance," Isabelle breathes, her cheeks red. She's never been so nervous before, she could actually feel her hands shaking.

Liam grins boyishly, "I'm a good leader and plus, I told you that I would keep an eye on you."

And with that Liam sweeps Isabelle into a slow dance and as the music picks up, he begins to twirl her and lead her into more complicated steps. Isabelle laughs, letting herself go with the music.


Liam and Isabelle clap the band after their second song finishes.

Isabelle smiles up at Liam, dimples showing, "That was fun. Thanks!"

Liam shrugs trying not to let on just how much fun he had dancing with her but failing miserably, "Anytime."

Isabelle gives him one last smile before vacating the dance floor to go to her table, Liam follows.


Outside, the girls begin to leave, each giving Liam kisses on the cheek. Isabelle breathes a sigh of relief that the night hasn't been too catastrophic, she even made a new friend in Trish.

Kassi and Alana invite Isabelle to catch a late movie with them but Isabelle shakes her head, her brother is on his way to pick her up. The girls give their friend a goodbye hug before heading off together.

Landon says his thanks to everyone and reminds them about their video diaries before getting into his own car.

Isabelle walked away from Camille and Tam, who had lingered behind to talk to Liam, and waited at the corner of the restaurant car park for her brother. It had been a crazy night, but fun nevertheless. She heard the girls still flirting with Liam before the ringing of her phone drowned them out.

"Hey Ayden," she greeted her brother, cheerful.

"Hey Izzy, listen, I've been held up with something at work and I was wondering if you could catch a lift with someone else?" her brother said over the loud clanging of pots in the background.

Isabelle sighed glancing down the street. Her friends would have been long gone by now and she knew Landon had a family party to go to that night. "Are you serious Ayden? There's no one here…"

"Well, do you mind if you waited for another half hour?" Ayden asked.

"Yeah, that's fine. I'll stay in the restaurant and wait."

"Cool, bye Izzy. Ring if there's any trouble."

Isabelle said goodbye to her brother and closed her phone. She pivoted back towards the restaurant and was halfway through the car park when Liam called from behind his black, very expensive looking car, "Do you need a lift Isabelle?"

She turned down his invitation almost immediately. "No. It's okay Liam, um, my brother's on his way." There was no way she was getting into the same car as Liam, she would become a nervous-wreck.

He, however, didn't take no for an answer and by the end of the night, Isabelle found herself in the comfort of Liam Sanders' leather-seated car. Isabelle had to admit, he was good. Liam talked her into taking his offer for a ride home with ease. First appealing to Isabelle's sense of reason by stating that the restaurant was closing anyway and didn't want to leave her alone late at night waiting for her brother. He then asserted that Landon would disown him as a friend if he left her there. What closed the deal for Isabelle wasn't the lure of sitting inside his warm, leather furnished car but Liam's wide grin as he opened the passenger door for her. How could she refuse?

The car ride home wasn't as awkward as she thought it would be. Liam kept the conversation going and had her laughing for most of the time. Before Isabelle knew it, they were already pulling up in front of her house.

"So did you have a good night?" Liam asked killing his engine.

"Yeah I did, you were right about the pizzas. They were delicious!" Isabelle said with vigor. "How about you?"

"It was…" Liam ruffled his hair before finishing his sentence, "Interesting."

"I bet it was." Isabelle replied with a small laugh. She unbuckled her seat belt slowly and gathered her bag. "Thank you again for the ride. I totally owe you one."

Liam smiled and as Isabelle opened her door, said her name, "Hey Isabelle."

She turned her head and it was the first time Liam had a chance to take a good look at her. Her brown eyes reminded him of his sister's favourite cartoon. Bambi. She had Bambi-like eyes. Deep brown, almost black framed by long lashes.

"I'm glad you came tonight," He said softly.

There was one last parting smile before Isabelle disappeared into her house.


To: em-n-bloom

From: iz-izzy-here

Subject: My night

So okay, my night wasn't too bad. It turned out to be heaps of fun.

I'm so tired right now so I'll fill you in with more details later. Just so that you won't be disappointed, there was a little cat fight (Tam and Trish), a bit of dancing (be happy, I actually danced too) and everything else in between.

You'll have a good laugh once you see the stuff Landon and I captured…speak of the devil, he's ringing right now.

Well, I'll talk to you soon (maybe over hot chocolate tomorrow morning for brunch?)

See you then,


To: iz-izzy-here

From: em-n-bloom

Subject: My night was okay too

I had a good time to at the Charity Bash too. The bands were awesome! Bands aren't really Carter's thing but he seemed to have a good time. He only flirted with one girl the whole time—and that was only so that we could get into the VIP section. I'm so proud of him!

I'm glad your night was fun too, and wow, little miss-I-don't-dance-for-any-body, actually danced? Go you! Who was your unfortunate partner? LOL! You know I love you!

Yes, hot chocolate does sound good, 11-ish good for you?

Night hun,


To: will-i-am

From: land-on

Subject: Yo!

Hahahaha! You should see some of the stuff that we filmed! You're one funny dude!

Just got off the phone with Izzy. That was really cool of you to drop her off home.

Anyway, going to laugh at you more.


To: land-on

From: will-i-am

Subject: RE: Yo!

I can see why you like hanging out with Alana, Kassi and Isabelle. They're fun girls.

PS: You have way too much time! Go find something else to do!

[Next time on Truth Behind Reality]

Episode Three: Rose Elimination

Now that each of the bachelorettes has had a chance to get to know Liam better, who will Liam ask to stay, and more importantly who will miss out on a rose? Stay tuned!

Liam re-enters the auditorium, no loner in uniform but in dark pants and a white shirt. He looks at the girls aligned in front of him and smiles politely, "Well, I just wanted to say that Saturday night was fun, and I hope you all had a good time too," The girls clap, all smiles for the camera.

"It just sucks that I have to say goodbye to one of you so soon." Liam announces, though he is lying through his teeth, he can't wait to dump Tammy and give her a taste of her own medicine.

Revenge is sweet.


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