She still remembered that terrible day. She couldn't walk on the beach without memories colliding into her. She had long ago gotten over it, but the memories would never be forgotten. It sometimes seemed like only yesterday that it happened. She would forever see his face in her mind. The footprints were still there too. Not physically but in her mind they still were there.

She met him ten years ago while on vacation with her family. That summer she had just turned eighteen and was celebrating being an adult. It was to be a carefree vacation with no worries of her going to college when she got back. Her parents left her alone one day to go winds surfing. She used this time to get a tan on the beach. She was laying out enjoying the warmth of the sun when she saw him. He was blond with blue eyes and a total hunk. Of course, she had to go talk to him.

She went up to him and started to small talk with him. Pretty soon it was night and he invited her to a party the next day. How could she turn down such an offer? The party the next day was great and afterwards they walked on the beach together. Before she went home he kissed her goodnight and asked her out on a date for tomorrow. She agreed of course.

The days that followed were wonderful, and she soon realized that she was in love. The only problem was that she would have to leave soon. On her last full day there she was once again walking with him on the beach. They were both upset that she would have to leave soon, so both of them were quiet. That's when chaos broke loose. They heard gunshots, and they turned around to see police chasing a masked man. Both the cops and the man were shooting. As they got closer to them, he shoved her to the ground, just as a bullet came whizzing by. The cops shot the man then and he was dead. That's when she realized he was still on top of her. She rolled out from under him and saw the blood right away. She yelled to the cops to call an ambulance, but by the time it arrived it was too late. The next day she took one last walk on the beach before they left. The area where it happened was taped off, and all the footprints from the previous day were still there. She went home and went to college and the years slowly went by. Now, ten years later she was back on that beach. She stood by the spot where it happened, his footprints long gone. She wanted to cry but no tears would come. She walked away from the spot where ten years ago to that day, her one true love had died.