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The snow was melting so slowly.

Today was warm and sunny, just like it was a few months before.

So much can happen in a few months.

As the leaves changed and gathered on the ground; her life shattered. When the snow came to blanket the earth; she turned cold and indifferent, building a shield of protection. Each season caused more problems, more pain. She lost herself more and more each day.

But now the snow was melting, could things go back to how they were?

Her hopes fell as she watched the snow melt. She sat there all day watching. Slowly and patiently, the snow melted yet didn't decrease. The ground flooded and muddied, but the snow stayed intact. Almost like it was resisting to go, it couldn't let spring take over. Not yet anyways.

The sun shined, but the coldness stayed. This battle happened every year, each time the sun would win and spring would take over until the next season. Yet she sat there unsure. Was it really that predictable? No, it couldn't be, she couldn't accept that answer. If she did then…no. It was unpredictable, it had to be.

Throughout her years everything got worse. Sure sometimes everything was great and life was 'so perfect.' But sometimes doesn't matter. What matters is right now and today. And right now, nothing was worth it. When had she become this? Why didn't anything matter anymore, why couldn't she feel?

Chapter 1

The screen is flashing. The purpose it to alert that a message is unread, but that's not the real reason its there. The real reason is it's a warning. Some times the conversation can make your heart soar, and make life seem prefect. Other times it's a life threatening message.

Some conversations I will sit here, dissecting each word. The conversation mutates and molds to my mind. But inside I know the truth, I know the things that were left unsaid. The incessant flashing makes it impossible to ignore the truth, impossible to concentrate.

Fadedxlight (10:47:03 PM): Come over here, we have some new material I want you to hear.

There was always new material. Something new that was a blend of everything old. Each note had been played before, just now it was rearranged and given a new title. Then again, who am I to judge.

I signed off. That's the funny thing about instant messaging. So much easier than person. When your done…you can just sign off, and that's it. Then again, maybe it is the same as life. I guess it depends on how much people care.

I better get going, it was already 11 and my mom would get home soon. Its funny, as long as I was gone before she got home. She didn't care. But if I left a moment after, shed be all over me. I guess she figured she was doing her job if she was a parent when she was home, and if something bad happened while she was gone; it wouldn't be her fault because she has to work. That really made me laugh, people are hilarious.

I locked the doors when I left and got in my shitty car. Then again at least I had one. Adrian didn't live to far away, so at least the ride wasn't bad. 15 minutes later I was in his driveway shivering. I really need to fix the heat.

Sorry this is so dry, the next chapter starts up the dialog and is alot more interesting.