Nothing Happened

By Sabeline Malenfant

I hate you all.

You stare at me silently as I pick my self off the floor and slouch down the hallway. Your eyes lower and slide past me as if nothing had happened.

Fuck you! What do you know?!

One person, just one, with a look of pity, eyes shining with tears at the injustice. I don't see you doing anything about it.

Where was your courage? Where was your sense of justice?

You little rat, you did nothing, just for your pity you are worse then all the other fuckers out there who don't care. You know it's wrong, and you did nothing. You are worse than them. All of them. Speaking of the rest of the little bastards. Look at me.


Did you just 'forget' what happened? Did you conveniently not see a thing. It's amazing how you can stop and stare while it's going on and when it's over, leaving me defeated and bloodied, you move on with your petty little existence, bitching and moaning about your birthday present- Daddy got me a Lexus instead of a Mercedez! Boo-hoo!

Well you know what?

Hundreds of pedestrians have been killed by cars, and I hope you hit one so you can be locked up forever.

Stupid fuckers.

What is your problem! You think I'm so weird, the clothes I wear, the books I read. The friends I have. One of these days, just one, I'm going to be your hard-ass boss and I'll fire you just for the pleasure of watching you cry. One day, I'll take pleasure in crowing 'You're fired, you little shit!'.

Just watch, just wait, these days when assholes beat the crap out of me will make me stronger.

You little bastards will die in a car crash anyway.