What's these feelings swimming in my head?

As I watch you shout at me

I can feel my anger boiling up

And right now I don't fucking care that you're family

You know nothing of me

Though you say you do

If that was true . . . then tell me

What are the hardships that I am going through?

Come on now

You say you know all

Then out with it

Tell me all you know

You stress out over everything I do

Not once thinking of ever leaving me alone

I have a life of my own

A life that you will never know

You always pry into my business

Yell at me when I hide my conversations

But you know that's never going to work

Threaten me all you want

Because soon I'm going to have enough

Of all this crap

Of all this junk you say you know

Get over it

I'm not the little girl you once knew

I've grown up and become what I am now

You know NOTHING of what I do

Because I always hide it from you


Because you're nothing but a controlling bitch

Go to hell . . . no stop go to heaven instead

For hell is where I am going

And I'll go there sooner than expected

If you don't leave me the hell alone for once

So now I expressed what I felt to you

But wait there is one more thing to say to you

I hate you!