The Healer

I lay broken and bleeding on the cold, hard ground. The sun beat down on me with out mercy, blistering my skin. The blood from my open wounds sizzled from the heat as it poured from my body; not stopping until it hit the cold ground and froze.
I lay there, letting myself die slowly, letting my wounds bleed and weep, hoping it would end and my life with it.
A Shadow crosses over me, blocking the sun and stopping the blisters. I look up, seeing a face I know well. A face full of love and compassion. There is no pity, scorn or anger in His face. Just concern.
I opened my cracked lips, trying to push words past my mouth and moving lips. Yet nothing came out, my lungs too burned with smoke and my throat too raw from screaming to let any words escape.
He smiled at me and sat down, pulling gently into his strong arms, "I know. I know." He murmured softly to me, pressing a kiss to my forehead, his arms holding me like I was the most cherished thing in the world.
I felt more then saw the blisters disappear from my skin; my wounds stop bleeding and heal, leaving behind fresh pink scars behind that will never leave me. I drew in a deep normal breath, my throat and lungs no longer burning when the clean air flowed into them.
Closing my eyes I rested my head against His chest, enjoying the feeling of being safe, healed and whole again. Silent –for no words were needed, never were needed in fact – I relaxed, letting the soft sun warm me and the warn ground cradle me as much as His arms did.
I knew then, as I always will know, that I would never would had made it as far in my life as I have without the love and support of my ….