I looked down at the puddle that was forming around me. I couldn't help but wonder, "Is that really all my blood?" I look at my bleeding wrist and try to ignore the pain in it that flared up once in a while. Michael would kill me if he knew I was trying to kill myself after all his hard work to capture me. Too bad the fool left a knife where I could get to it and put an end to this miserable existence I have called life. My body was shaking now with the effort of staying awake to see the look on Michael's face as the last of my blood pours from my body. There is nothing that fool could possibly due to save me if I'm that far gone!

I remember those thoughts flooding through my head and I remember that I didn't think much of what those thoughts were really about. "Michael" as he was called then was actually a more complex person than what I had thought. I originally thought he was a psycho who kidnapped me from my school to rape and kill me; little did I know the man had more plans. If you didn't notice the name in quotes than allow me to enlighten you to the reasoning behind that. His full name was Gideon Michael with no last name or at least none that he would tell me. The man is like 6'2" with the most gorgeous silky black hair and piercing green eyes. I personally never met a black haired man with green eyes but he was the first and what a great one to meet.

I know what you're thinking because believe me I would be thinking it too. This girl is off her rocker and hasn't even begun to explain why she wanted to drown in a pool of her own blood and I probably wouldn't except for now I have to. Gideon wants me too, yes I'm still alive and Gideon Michael is still a big influence in my life even though I wish I had died months ago. Gideon seems to think that all these suicidal thoughts are bad and that I need to talk them out. I think you know this is a romance story but it's not your normal everyday prince and princess lala love story either. Gideon and I had our problems, which all started when the jerk kidnapped me for his own purposes and continued long after my failed suicide attempt.

Yep that's right ladies and gentlemen the beautiful and talented Callia Gabriella failed to follow through with her attempt at suicide. My beautiful waist length brown hair was up when it happened so it wasn't affected and my brown eyes just stay the same even when I'm in pain. I was sure I was going to succeed in escaping the prison Gideon put me in when I was able to slash my arm but I didn't know that Gideon was what he was. I won't tell you that because that is for another moment, more like when I go into details about my suicide, but right now I bet you are all wondering what this young girl is rambling on about. Well I'll tell you, everything.

Do you still want to know? Are you sure? Really are you ready to learn all the gruesome details that I went through and how I came out the other side. I know Gideon would be amused if he knew that I was giving out all my personal details out to all of you lovely strangers. I guess I will have to start from the beginning to be able to tell you everything about my life and how I came to be where I am now. Gideon would surely be laughing himself to death if he knew what I was up to right now. Either that or be angry with me for sharing "personal information with strangers who won't really understand the concept behind half the information given". Gideon has a tendency to make it really easy to make fun of him.

Anyways! I'm rambling again I was going to give you a little more background info too. Oh well I can do that in this paragraph! As I said I'm Callia Gabriella and I'm at this moment twenty-four, and Gideon is about to be thirty. Yea I know six years is an age difference especially when I was just about to turn eighteen when he kidnapped me. So that means Gideon was twenty-four or twenty-five when he came after me. Interesting how sometimes things like that happen in our society… Oops I was getting off again. Gideon was hired to kidnap me for the job he was involved with and I didn't realize that this would be a life-altering thing. Well I personally thought I was going to die. Do I sound flaky when I talk? Because in real life I'm anything but I'm just happy at this moment I wasn't always a pleasant person.

Gideon knows for a fact just how unpleasant I can be. When you are kidnapped by a guy who says 'he will be the last thing you see' you kind of train yourself to be a not nice person. Believe me Gideon caught me on a really bad day and in no certain way do I suggest that you are around me when that happens. giggle I guess I've held off long enough telling you my story and I'm sure you're all getting bored by my ramblings. I'm really not as I have presented myself in this little prologue to my story and you'll get that with the next entry I give you. But for now I'll let you think what you want and make you suffer a little wait, well maybe not.

I hope you enjoy hearing a little story about my life and hope you are happy with the information given towards you. Well I gotta go Gideon is calling me and he seems cranky so I better leave. I really hope you really want to really read about me. I'm just joshing ya. Anyways, laterz.

A.N. Alright for those of you who are confused this is just a little way to introduce one of my characters. Callia will be the one who will be telling the story and believe me she is very suicidal at times. Callie and Gideon's story has quite an interesting turn of events. Anyways I'll hope you'll continue reading because it gets better from here. Oh yea and all character and plots in this story belong to me so neh! This is also my first story on Fictionpressso please be kind... oh and Read and Review...

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