Two Gods

At the beginning of the world
There were two creators.
Both were young and in love
So they created the universe
To share their fortune
With everything they made.

But peace never lasts
And they soon learned
That with creation
Comes destruction.

The two lovers were separated
And flung apart
Each lived in different time periods
Waiting for the chance
To be back together.

For without the other
Their creator's hand
Weakened and lost its skill.

They past each other
In each century
Sometimes one an old woman
The other a young boy
Sometimes one an old man
The other a young maiden.

And every time
They recognized their love.
But with each turning
Of time's wheel
Their memories were lost
And they had to find each other
Once again.

So the maiden waits
Somehow knowing in her heart
Who she longs for

And the man searches
Knowing who his soul seeks
In each passing by

Neither take on
Another lover
Even knowing that what they
Wait and Search for
Could be withheld from them

Until one day comes by.
The world threatens
To come to an end.
A pair is born.
Their eyes both filled with wisdom
Not accustom to one of such age

They fight their way
Through battles unending
Drawn by forces they not yet know of
But are willing to succumb

And on the day of the last battle
Their eyes meet
Without the sadness of ending
But with realization
Of a new beginning

Their embrace stops the world
Their kiss brings it to peace
And the light and shadows
Swirl to set it in its rightful place

Now once again together
All woes are left behind
And the two watch their creation
From above
In their sky of a palace.

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