Misconceptions of Dimension Popping

The ultimate prison, a TV set

Anora's P.O.V

You'd think when someone goes into a different dimension, you'd have some great big adventure, wouldn't you? With you being the heroine of the story, falling in love with the handsome stranger who rescued you? Yeah, that's what fairytales have you believe, well that's the last time I believe fairytales! They lie! This time it's the opposite way round, well at least the dimension popping is.
Well instead of the adventure, I have fi-

"ORA! THE PEOPLE IN THE MAGIC BOX ARE DYING, YOU MUST HELP THEM!" One of them yells, it's most likely Dara. He is convinced that the TV is a prison for people who have been evil and that their punishment is too live in there. Yeah, I know.

"They're actors!" I've told him that a gazillion times now, you'd think it would get into his tiny little brain by now. I think I might have to take him to one of those live shows before he gets it.

"No, they are hurt! Actors do not have real wounds!" Ok, now is about time to get down there before Hayden answers him instead. Ah, Hayden. Hayden is the person that if you were stuck in a lift with, he would try to kill you because he didn't want to die because of you using all the oxygen up. Though I'm not sure he knows what a lift is. Ok, that's beyond the point, I should be going down stairs.

I know what your thinking, I must be some rich kid living in my own house already. Believe me I'm not. You see, what I was talking about earlier, about this whole dimension-popping thing. You can't pop into one dimension without someone popping out. So now I'm down five housemates and up five, well actually I don't know what to call them. So you see I'm not rich, we all put in money for this house together.

So back to the new residents of the house, there's Hayden, Mr. If-you-don't-get-out-of-my-way-and-bow-while-you're-at-it-I-will-make-you-so-your-always-bowing, Dara, who I'm sure has some sort of brain disorder… Or was fed on sugar for the entire of his life. Next it's Connor, he's a vampire, yeah I know what you're thinking…he's no-

I really should look where I'm going, wait, walls do not move. Looking up I find it's Connor.

"I-I'm really s-sorry. I-I didn't mean to, I'll never do it again!" Considering how tall he is, and how he looks; with his black spiked hair with blue tips and striking blue eyes you'd think he would be a little more intimidating. But he's always like that.

"It's ok, it was my fault." After that he walks off quickly, eyes at the ground, head hung low like always, it makes you want to know what's happened to him. I'd always pictured vampires as rather over powering, in a sense, well before I met him.
"Ora! Ones died, you've gotta save the rest! You can't let them die like that!" Reminder never let Dara watch horror or war films. What's worse is that he's only watching cartoons now, and it's the bad guys getting killed.
OK, where the hell is Dara?
"Coming up next 'war stories'." I better switch the TV off first. "Dara?" I am too old for hide and seek. I am not going to play hide and seek.

Ok, so Dara isn't behind the sofa, under the table, in the cupboard, in his room, in the kitchen, in the guy's bathroom...what you expect me to share a bathroom with those four? So now I'm back in the living room looking for him.
"Dara get out here now." Ok I think I heard a sniff then. So Dara is in here.
"Dara!" More sniffs, and I think there coming from behind the door.
"Dara, I know your behind the door." Another sniffle and then I felt him wrap his arms around me.
"Why did they have to die?" Not this again.
"They were cartoons. They are not real."
"But what if in some alternate universe they are?" Ok, that could happen. With all the dimension popping. God, it could be worse I could have cartoon characters running around here. Ok, now I'm really getting off the point.
"But there is nothing you can do even if they are."
"You mean the wand of the 'TV remote' won't help them with it's magic?" He asked his green eyes looking sad. Why does he have to do that look, it makes me feel bad for him. He really looks like a kid when he gives you that look. He not though, as much as he seems like one. Usually his eyes are almost completely covered by his floppy red hair, it's fair to say he's pretty cute. He's like Christmas personified. He's got the colours and personality. Forget Santa, meet Dara, the real Christmas spirit.
"It's not magic…" How dense can he be? I mean sure he just seems really innocent, but even at five, I knew what a remote was!
"But it makes things do things when you press it!"
"It's elec-"
"Will you shut him up! I was trying to read but his incessant whining is disturbing me!" Ah, here's Hayden. That comment was suspiciously gentle for him. Wonder what he wants.
"Hayden get out of here. I was sorting it out, if you didn't notice." I wish I could come up with a really good comeback on the spot. I'll end up thinking of one later.
"I'll tell you nothing." Oh great it gets worse.
"All I am asking you is your name!" Meet Nokomis and Rai, the last two members of our quintet from a different dimension.
"You will use it to torture me further. Therefore I cannot give you my name." Rai thinks he is in a war. And being here is some sort of torture, seriously think he's got that the wrong way round. I am being tortured here! Anyway, he refuses to give anyone his name, but Connor found out for me. Then there's Nokomis, she's not as weird as the other four, I'll give her that. Apparently though, she some priestess to a moon goddess.
"Can you be quiet?" Ok I have to repeat myself.
"Will you all be quiet?" Ok skip the polite way. Shouting is so much better.
"Thank you, Dara; the TV is not a prison, no one was hurt. Hayden, just shut up. Nokomis, his name is Rai and Rai, you are not a prisoner of war. Do you really think we'd let you keep the sword?" I'm starting to think Connor is the best out of the lot, he doesn't cause any trouble at all. Now with that I'm going out… before I strangle Hayden. I'm so good at storming out, at least by the looks on their faces. Heheh. They'll see me later.

Misconception number one: You will be the one dimension popping.