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Camera flash lights and popping

I don't want to go to a supermarket again. But I don't want to go back there again. I never want to go back there again. Supermarkets are full of them. Full of humans. They're not the same as back there. Here they're food. And they don't know we exist. It's perfect. They won't realize. You won't kill
them. Killing them is bad. Leads to bad things. Leads to there.

"Hayden. Just leave me alone. I don't want to talk to you. I don't want to hear this!" Anora is hurting. A human is hurting. And I can see it, and feel it. And I want to help. Why do I want to help? I can't want to help. She's human. She's evil. Even though I know she's not…

"Then stop being such a stupid bitch and get this idiot off -" He's mean too. But I need to stay here. I don't want to go back there. This is home. Not there. There will never be home.

"Ah get off- Oh Dara." He's different. He isn't like either of them. What is he?

"Ora, what's wrong?" How does he know? But I know what's wrong with her. She misses her friends. She's being selfish though. She doesn't know what it as like for us. For me. She would have been worshiped there by my kind. Waited on hand and foot. And secretly hated.

"I-I guess I guess I just miss my friends." He knew before, but he asked. He cares. "Not that you guys aren't great. Well with the possible exception of Hayden. I just wish I knew how to send you all back home." She's all sweets and honey. She doesn't know where we come from. Where I come from. Or who sent us here. None of us know that. But I'm not going home. Not back to slavery and starvation.

"Well if you knew what happened that day, we'd be able to get home!" He's worse than her. He's hurt too though.

"Hayden, leave her alone. She's crying." At least he shows he cares. But he wears his heart on his sleeve. He'll get hurt that way. He's too innocent.

"I'm not crying!" See. She's like them. Lying. Lying kills. Makes scars deeper. It's only a lie to protect herself. That's how it all started though.

The look off him stops Hayden saying anything. He's to scared to hurt anyone though. He cares.

"Ora, how about we sort what we were all doing when it happened? Hopefully we could try and piece it together, and figured out what did this or who. Ok?" Yes. I would like to know who did this. I want to thank them.

"I've told you before, this was the work of the divine moon god. We should be honoured that he has blessed us with this, this opportunity to live in a new world." Nokomis is misinformed. There are no gods. If there were gods, there would not be suffering. And if there were, they do not bless where I come from.

"I can't believe I'm backing the idiot up, but he's right. Well never figure out how to get out of this Sgol hole." (a/n yes I did mean to type sgol)

"I don't know what it means, Hayden. But my home is not whatever Sgol means. But back to topic where the hell were you before you dimension popped?" She needs them back. Sheâ ™s sinking. But they can't return. I have to stay. The human that went to my dimension would be happy. Everything that was there would be perfect for them.

"Fine. I was in the gardens, practicing. There was a bright flash of light and a popping sound and I was here. In this Sgol hole." He doesn't need to be rude about it, his entire manor and attitude is same as theirs.

"Practicing what exactly?" She's as bad as him. It because she's human. Humans are always cruel.

"Why should I tell you? It none of your business, human."

"What's wrong with being human?" She trying to hide the shock that he's not human. Doesn't matter though, he's as bad as one. "And anyway Hayden, it could have been what you were doing that took my friends away from me and replaced them with you?" Human anger and cruelty is taking over again. She's
like all of them. They're all the same.

"I was practicing my dancing skills." Heheh, I suppose that goes perfectly with who he is. He deserves the others laughs. Dancing is a waste of time. It doesn't help anyone.

"Well doing the Tango couldn't have caused some big bang magical disturbance. I think." She doesn't understand magic. Magic's more delicate than that, more intricate. Whoever did this understands that.

"Now that you've got what I was doing, should you ask some of them?" He's never as rude to her as he is to rest of us. He's too human. Even if he isn't one.

"Fine. But they're not them, Hayden they are people, but I forgot you don't care about people." She's crying again. She wants her friends. But they're not going to come back. We're going to stay here. She can't change that.

"Sweetie, ignore him, he's a traitor to the moon!" Nokomis will never understand others beliefs. Its because she can't think of others. No one does.

"Ora? Come on, you have to smile, 'cuz apparently you face will stick like that and then people will be like "angry person! Eep!" and will run away." He's not like them, not like any of them. He understands but he's too innocent though. If only they were all like him. These humans though, they aren't as cruel as the ones back there. But they're still human. They're the same deep down, cruel and selfish. You can't trust them. You never can. They'll just back stab you, like they did to king Ira. How they turned him into a slave. They're just waiting, they're going to do the same. Dara's different though, maybe he can help. He won't let anyone be hurt. Maybe. They're all angry at Hayden though, there all hating him in their thoughts.

" Hayden, you should go." Rai said that a lot calmer than he felt, that's how they hide. They act, but here they can't hide the truth from me. They never can.

"Fine." He's angry to, with himself though. They never meant to hurt Anora. They all seek to protect her. Why though? What is so special about her? She's just human. Human and like them all.

"Nokomis, how about you? Where were you?" She's trying to distract her self by asking the others, but that means she's going ask me. She'll get ideas from what they did. They'll do the same to me. They'll enslave me.

"I was praying to the divine moon god, as I do every night at moon rise. It is obvious the great moon god answered my prayers, like he did with all the past high priestesses. I surely will become the next one and serve the divine god." She's so deluded with her religion that she can't see that could not have affected us all. There is no moon god where I come from, only fake idols and moments of glory forgotten. They can't ask me though, they'll get ideas. They'll use me and torture me and kill me. "He must have brought us all together so that we can broaden our horizons and learn from each other, to develop our personalities and relationships with other people."

Why is she so full of this peace and love crap? It's not true. Everyone here, doesn't want to be here. Other than me. They all want to go home. To see there loved ones, but what about me? I have no one who will miss me when I go back. They're all dead.

" Nokomis, could you explain that later to me, we have to ask the others what
they were doing." Dara's so nice to everyone, it doesn't make sense. No
one is that nice. Not even children, they're selfish too, but him. He's not.
He's strange.

"Fine." Even she can't be mad at him.

"So, Rai what were ya up to then?" Anora's getting happier again. Dara's
apparent plan is working, she's getting back to normal.

"I was on the verge of battle, with the great enemy. We were on the edge of their territory." Short and concise, just like him on the outside. The training his army put him through must have done that. He has to be cold and unfeeling to kill. Just like they are back home. The slavers are cruel and cold.

"That's…uh…nice." He can't hear Anora's muttering, but that's probably a good thing, it would only cause another argument.

"No, that's not nice at all. That's horrible." Yes, he isn't like them at all. He could never understand why you would go to war. To kill another person because they were your enemy. That's why he's different to them. He's pure.

"Well what were you doing?" Rai's angry now, another emotion the slavers have. He would have been a slaver, I have to avoid him. I have to keep away from him. He'll turn on me.

"I was in my village, milking a cow." I don't see why he's snickering. He should leave Dara alone. He doesn't understand.

"Rai, stop being such a twat, at least it's better than what you were doing. So Connor, what were you doing?" She's asked me. Do I lie, or do I tell them the truth, if I tell them the truth they'll use it against me. They'll put me back to my old life. But they wouldn't know how. It's not as advanced here. They're no vampires here. They wouldn't now how and if I lie Dara will know. He wouldn't tell them, but he could tell. I'll have to tell them, twist the words but tell them.

"I was serving my master.." By being beaten by him. "I was receiving punishment." No it wasn't a dock in pay, it was being whipped. The scars still sting. "Then there was a flash and I was here." Away from my master, away from my pain, but the scars are stinging now.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked." Why is Anora still kind? Why isn't she trying to use me as a slave? I should go to my room, it's awkward here. They're all staring. "No one will use you here. I promise." Why is she hugging me? She knows though, but how? Maybe she's not like them.

Misconception number 4: Not everyone wants to return home. And that's not because they've found true love…

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