The sky was nice. Nice and dark. How beautiful, she thought. Her raven-black hair flowed behind her as the wind blew across her stars above reflected in her ruby-red pupils. Her hand lightly grasped the silver steel handle. Her eyes stared at the stars, wishing that it could end a different way. The silence of the atmosphere around her made her shiver in eyes fluttered as the wind picked up a little, making her hair fly out in different directions behind her. Maybe the winds were reacting to her feelings? She couldn't tell. The ground beneath her felt like wet wax inbetween her toes. The dress that she had been wearing was torn, mostly by her own hands. Her head lowered and her eyes rested on the blade in her hand. How small it was...and yet it could cause so much pain to a person. But it was a release...a release from all the pain. The pain of love. The pain of work. Of people. Even the pain of living. Every cell in her being craved freedom. Freedom...what a dream. Her dreams were crushed. Trampled like flesh during a war. Burned away from the very essence of her soul.

She knew in her heart that if she wanted, she could go on living. Try to pick up the broken shard of her life. But she couldn't. She had no help. No one was there to support her. They had all left her. Every last one.

But the sky was there. It had always watched her, like the gods. The gods she would be meeting soon. With a blink, a couple drops of her tears fell upon the blade, shimmering in the starlight. The rustling of the trees around her made her lips form into a cold smile. Her brain needed a rest from all the stress. No more would she deal with the sickness of living. The disease of society. The need to be perfect. Or smart. Or beautiful. It would wash away like grime on a dish. Oh yes...she could taste death on her tongue. It tasted good. Sweet. Rich. And hollow.

A bird flew above, and her ears caught the sound of it's soft cry. Her eyes laid upon the sky once again, in awe of it's unique radiance. Her arm rose into the air beside her, bringing the blade before her. The tip was placed gently against her wrist. She could feel how sharp it was. Swipe it...quick and swiftly...She knew it would bring her the solace she needed in life, but never recieved. With a quick motion, she sliced into her flesh. She whimpered slightly from the strike of pain. Red liquid drizzled from her arm and fell to the grass below. She smiled. What a feeling...bringing herself to this moment was couragous. She placed the blade in her other hand and looked up at the sky, her vision blurring slowly. "Give me..." She said, and swiped the blade across her other wrist. She fell to her knees and whimpered, the blood oozing from her wounds and meshing into her torn gown and tainting her skin. The blade fell to the ground beside her, lost in the darkness.

She lifted her bloddied face and fell back, laying on the wax that was the ground. Her eyes watched the stars sparle in the night sky. "Purpose.." She whispered, her voice shaky. Tears ran down the sides of her face, her arms extended at her sides. For a few moments, she smiled, enjoying the feeling of death. She could feel the pull of death grasping onto her soul. It was leaving her body more and more by each passing second.

Her eyes closed as she inhaled her last breath. As quick as a flicker of a lit candle, her existence left the world, and entered the new plane.