Steady and WithoutA Sound

Rating: PG

Summary: A melancholy poem I wrote while feeling somewhat down. My first also. Enjoy or not, please review.

My blood doesn't go

Crimson on the ground

Yet my heart still bleeds

Steady and without a sound

The hurt within

Isn't physical

It's an ache much worse than

Any wound or ill

It's the hurt everyone feels

When not able to say their mind

To a person they hold dear

O, what a rare and lovely find

His looks drew me at first

Worry not; at that I'm now disgusted

For to me he is now

A friend that is not quite trusted

As always, I cannot

Make the small transition

That will mean so much, so much more to me

Than the usual old position

Stuck here I am

I know not what to do

For with him around, I say always to myself

"Oh my, what be I, a fool, such a fool!"

I lower my head and quash the tears

That threaten to rise from within

I raise my head high, and my eyes glisten

But no matter, here I will stay, in my bin

My cubicle, my prison

Made of my own imaginings

I torture myself willingly

I lose myself in my happenings

And if you happen to have

Advice that may be said

Give it freely and do not hold back

For my heart, that it may mend

The bold is because I don't know how to do stanzas. If you do, please email me, it would be much appreciated.