Just My Imagination

By Sabeline Malenfant

Go away.

I don't want to play today.

No, not Monopoly,

Not clue.

Not dolls,

Not house.

I'll tell you again, just this once

I'm tired, I don't want to go outside.

You won't go away.

You never go away.

You sleep in my room and you share my food

You lurk in the shadows

You loom over my homework

Mother doesn't care

"Don't be silly, dear."

Father doesn't hear

"I've got work to do."

It's not fair

I won't talk to you

I won't even acknowledge your presence

Nobody else does

Stop it, Fred, not today.

I don't know how to make you leave

Nobody does



You're always there

Lurking, looming, hovering, simpering, pleading

…After all, how do you get an imaginary friend to leave?