With You

To seize the moment of the night

Say the right words to make things right

Don't keep pushing to where you can't go

Cuz that just pushes me farther away, you know?

Try to keep a conversation going on and on

About something non-sexual that we're both fond

Of, a beauty so dark, handsome, and tall

One would think this wouldnt be hard at all.

Show me you mean the words that you say

And prove to me you need me in all ways.

Slightly taken aback by your stare

Wondering if you see me dressed or bare,

What is it that makes you look at me so?

Or makes everything you say or do flow

So smoothly out and escapes your lips

Why oh why do we keep doing this?

Torture in itself this is,

Gravity keeps pulling us back to this biz.

Railroad tracks and a neon sign,

The Brickstone Inn is where we resign.

Amazing how I said I'd stop

This isn't posted, but in your hands it'll drop.

Do what you will, it's your preference

To keep or to toss, it makes no difference.

Just never forget or walk away

Without knowing I came back to you today.

A/N: I wasn't planning on posting this, as you can tell from the line "This isn't posted, but in your hands it'll drop." And it never did make it into his hands... Oh well..