Broken and bruised

Dying and used

Shattered hope and splintered pride

From this nightmare I can't just hide

It's there when I leave

And while I slip my arm through my sleeve

Staring at me with invisible eyes

Hissing diabolic lies

In a tone

That chills me through the bone

I hear his laugh in the night

With the screams of the floorboards out of sight

My mind at race

Listening for his pace

His chuckle echos in my brain

His demonic voice driving me insane

The longer I lay and wait

The more his chesire grin I hate

He wishes my death and I his, yes

Anything to clear my mind of this mess

I must get rid of my nightmare

Or else I be caught in a paranoid's snare

The closed door creaks ajar

A solitary shadow streches afar

Across the cold floor, towards where I rest

My fear clasped mind races for a solution that's best

My petrified stare fixed upon the shadow

Silent prayers for the marrow

Screaming floor warns of his nearing

His breath and my heart beat, all I'm hearing

He's so smooth and calm

While my heart feels like a bomb

TO late is the explosion of fear

For my heart is the only thing I hear

Reflecting the moonlight in his chesire grin

His breath is the stench of sin

My life did not end plesantly as is my plan

But instead stolen by the real nightmare; The Boogyman