Long have you dogged my step,

Glaring from the shadows in silent loathing,

You watch,

The flame of life that as a spark you tried to silence.

You are the trip from the high tower,

The silent shriek of a victim in the night,

The one who takes small ones before time seems ready to give the word,

You are life's bane, so it seems,

But to label you a enemy would be most wrong,

For you are also the kind driver who stops,

After seeing a tired and weary traveler exhaused by the wayside,

A offering to safe and peaceful travel to a much more comfterble atmosphere,

Driving carefully through long and winding roads,

Linking the two worlds,

Yet you always return alone and wordless,

The way, only you know.

Aren't you the Great Equalizer?

Wealth, power, and least of all health matter little to you,

For when the time comes to confront them,

Your regard to the wealthy is the same as the hapless poor and unfortunate,

In you, they are the equals they never were permitted to be in life.

Despite the countless murders you have been aid to,

You bring justice to the wretched,

A most strange police officer bringing a charge,

To the highest court of courts,

To recieve the final judgement,

For all misdeeds,

By more than a mere slap on the hand,

And a sentence fitting the crime.

But now, what are we to do with you?

You have taken lives, murderer,

Yet no court of mortal and celestial judgement can convict you,

For you are a necessary entity,

Who must do the job.

You are the granter of safe passage to holy lands,

For the faithful and loyal followers.

The hand of mercy,

When the suffering of life is at its worst, in either form of illness.

The escape hatch for the weary warrior,

who will not betray their loved ones, even if meeting you is what they must do.

Yet after all this,

Why have you haunted me?

What do you see in my flame that causes such ire?

True, I have dodged your worst.

But others have more cleverly and brilliantly have ducked you.

Or is it perhaps,

That I see your true face,

Your long and miserble fate,

As a result, I do what you what you despise most,

I pity you, despite your wrong and right doings.

Once I heard,

You were a glorious angel,

Beautiful beyond compare,

Even when the world was but a glimmer in its forger's eye,

Yet some say you were indecisive in a war between the heavens,

Leaving you in the war's aftermath,

The cursed angel,

For your indecision,

You may cross between the worlds,

Yet you may belong to neither,

Cursed to wander alone, forever,

Till time ends or perhaps, the celestial ones forgive you.

What do you consider?

What have you done beside your set duty?

Between the voids and the beginning of the world.

Were you a poet, or a writer perhaps?

Or where you a artist of the highest caliber?

Or when it comes down to it, were you just a normal being.

I would love to know your answere.

Perhaps, that is why you desire me so,

I see the entity who once could have been me.

When I grow tired, and desire rest, and I flag you down,

My flame having grown wain and weary,

Perhaps along the way between the worlds,

You will tell me, the truth of your existence,

Then I can rest in peace.