Chapter Two

"Say cheese."

Natera and her friends posed for the camera and all chorused, "Cheese." Dolly clicked the camera. The graduation ceremony was all over.

"Well, we survived," said Natera's secret boyfriend, Brad.

Natera and Brad have been secretly dating each other for the past year now. But neither of Natera's parents knows this. Somehow….she sensed that they would not approve of her dating Brad. So she never told them. Whenever they were around her parents, they would act like they were just friends.

"Now on to the big stuff," said Natera's best friend, Marie, seriously.

Brad laughed. "Don't remind me."

"Natera," called Dolly.

"Yes," Natera answered her mother.

"Let's go eat out."

"Mooommm," she whined. "Do I have to?"

"Natera," she scolded. "We are going to have a family-."

"You go hang out with your friends," Tom interrupted.

Dolly glared at her husband. Natera gave her father a smile and a huge bear hug. "Oh thank you thank you thank you," she said happily.

"Let's go," said Tom. He grabbed Dolly's hand and pulled her towards the parking lot.

Once they saw the car leave and was out of sight, Natera was pulled into Brad's arms. They started kissing. "Get a room," said Mark, another friend of Natera's.

"You did it," Brad whispered in her ear, ignoring Mark.

"Yeah," she whispered back.

Brad smiled and she smiled back. After hearing a fake cough, which most likely came from Mark, she got out of his arms and entwined theirs hands. "So…what should we do now."

"I heard that Matt's throwing a party," said Mark.

"We should go," said Marie. Natera nodded.

"Sure," said Brad. "Let's go."

Unknowingly, the four friends left to go to their last party together, before their lives totally changer for better or worst.

In the car-

Driving pass the houses, Tom could feel his wife's anger coming off her in waves. "What's wrong," he asked softly.

"You know very well what is wrong," Dolly said bitterly. This was a subject that Tom has always avoided for the past 18 years, ever since Natera was born. "We are leaving in two days," she continued. "She doesn't even know that. She doesn't even know the truth."

Tom didn't answer her. "Tom," she desperately said. "What we are about to do is good. Natera will accept it in time." It sounded as if she was trying to convince herself rather than Tom.

"I hope so," Tome said quietly. "I hope so."

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