"What We Were"

Time is supposed to heal everything,
In truth, it only makes things worse.
My feelings don't die out,
They don't go away.
Not a day goes by,
That I don't think of us.
Feelings inside me are aroused,
As I think of what we had.
From first kiss to last,
From hello to goodbye,
From tears to laughter to more tears,
I think of you every hour, every day.
Sometimes I cry, others I laugh.
Sometime I wonder why I loved you,
Other times it's obvious.
Sometimes you embarrass me,
Without even realizing it.
Sometimes you flatter me,
Even without your knowing.
I dream about you, about us.
I keep telling myself that you'll come back,
If you love me like you said.
My innocent tears,
In your stormy life.
We're from different worlds, you and I.
Completely differently friends,
I still don't know who they are.
How odd for us to be attracted to one another.
Two different people there never were.
Right now I'm smiling,
Because I see you smiling.
I see you with other girls,
Jealousy fills me up.
I get ignored quite frequently.
I feel like I wasted your time,
But only on bad days.
Mostly I know we loved each other
Mostly I know you cared.
We're still friends, of course,
But not a day goes by,
That I don't think of what we were.