It's been a while... especially been a while for a rhyming poem.. haven't made one o' those in 4 years.. so here it is:


I've seen you smile,
I've seen your cheer,
But now I see,
Your eyes tear.

What's come of this,
This sadness, my love?
For together we'll be,
Soon in Heaven above.

When your earth shatters,
And you fall down,
Look up to the stars,
And do not frown.

I will pick you up,
With my longing arms,
From the gruesome world,
And away from harm.

You'll be here with me,
In my heart and embrace,
And I'll keep you company,
And safe in this place.

I still think of you,
And still see you ache,
I said I'd be there,
And sooth your heartache.

So please do not fret,
Do not cry, my love,
For together we'll be,
Soon in Heaven above.

I still think of you… hoping you still do about me… if you ever did…

Love, eTeRNiTY