Tribute to Valentine's Day:


The four-letter word,
That often lingers on the tips,
Of the tongues of many.

To some,
It is not to be wasted,
For it is a word that may,
Change their lives,
In a single moment.

It is to be cherished,
And is only to be used when,
The time is right,
And only,
With that special someone.

It is not just a sound,
But a commitment.
A word that represents,
The deep meaningful bond,
Between cherished ones.

But to others,
It is only an excuse,
A silence-breaker,
A word
It means nothing

They throw away,
The meaning and the power,
Of this simple sound,
And thus, throw away,
The greatest experience of Life.

'Tis not just a word,
But it is the most wonderful,
Beautiful sound,
Anyone can hear.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone…

Love, eTeRNiTY