Love Propaganda

Love. It's something some are privileged enough to experience. I want to ask you a question. When that special day comes; do you buy that even more special person a rose; a card shaped as a heart? Do you buy them chocolates, a display of your love if you will. Your Valentine, as one might say. Did you have one, and if so, did you buy them anything?

Now that you've though over your answers, that special day? Valentines Day. Why, do you ask, is this day special? Oh, isn't it obvious? No? Well, here you have it, that day, the special day that's dedicated to sharing you love for someone; is money. Yes, you're eyes haven't gone pear-shaped, you read right. I said it, money. Why would you be thinking of such a horrendous thing during such a bright and happy day? Because oh let me see, Hallmark and any respectable florist is.

I call it love propaganda. A nice little card company/chocolate maker/rose seller tells you there is a special day of which on this day any person, you; yes you, shares your love with another. Oh no! What am I to get this person? Well it isn't exactly the theory of relativity so it isn't to hard to figure out.

Valentines day isn't any different than any other day, same as today, same as yesterday. So don't buy your loved one something for Valentines day, tell them you love them, as if it were no other day. Because any Anniversary is much more special than any love propaganda.