The hut was situated on top of a hill surrounding by many types of ferns and trees. It was a lonely place away from any civilisation even though there was one straight road that led down to the towns. The hut itself was made of three rooms. The first room was a kitchen, the second a bathroom and the third was a lounge and bedroom. The kitchen was only small and held an old fashioned stove and a big sink where all the washing had to be done. There was enough room for about three people to stand in the kitchen at once; there were cupboards covering the walls full of pots and food. A fridge stood in the corner of the room with a freezer just below it, the only modern features of the kitchen. Walking into the bathroom you would be changing time it was rather modern holding a modern day bath, sink and toilet but no shower. You still needed a jug to wash your hair but that didn't matter too much. The lounge was the biggest room it was double the size of the kitchen and bathroom together but instead of converting it into two rooms they had left it as one. The fireplace was the most dominant part of the room in all its glory with the flames crackling and the basket of logs next to it waiting to be burnt. A wardrobe full of clothes was hidden in a dark corner of the room and in another corner stood a guitar propped up against the wall untouched yet one of the only objects in the room that had no dust on it. In the middle of the room facing the fire sat the sofa bed. Behind the sofa bed at the back of the room sat a drum kit the only other object without dust on it. On the stool lay the black drumsticks.

On the sofa sat a 15-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy cuddled up together under a blanket. They sat smiling and happy both feeling love towards the other. She had her arms around him one laying over his chest as she smiled loving at him. He held his arms around her in a tight embrace. Every now and then they would look into each other's eyes and their lips would end up touching in a passionate kiss. She held his hand and held it close to her heart smiling she looked up at his eyes loving them finding his adorable she opened her mouth and whispered the three words he was longing to hear, "I love you" she spoke softly and in a delicate way one that only the ones she loved would hear her speak. This was a time one that was precious and could not be meddled with. It was a rare time of total happiness, love and care without anyone or thing trying to pry them apart or trying to take their happiness. She wanted this never to end and knew that he wanted the same. Their little perfect world of togetherness where no one would ever find them unless they wanted them to where no one could yell at them and have ago at them because of the small age difference between them. Not once would it make a difference though they were together and happy and that's how they wished it to stay.