Valentines day love!

I watch you from afar

Afraid to get to close

But all I hope is for one sweet kiss

From those lushes' lips

That is the colour of a red rose

How I long to run my fingers through your long gold hair

And look into your beautiful eyes

As they shine at me with love

But I can only dream that because you will never return my affections

I am nothing in your world

You ignore me when we pass each other

Oh how I wish you would look at me, and see that I am here

Willing to love you and hold you dear

Forever until death takes me away from you

I will be here

Loving you

So let me say this, even though you may never hear it out loud

But may it ring loud and clear

For all to hear

So I ask on this special day

To you the girl of my dream

My heart

My eyes

Will you be my valentine?