We have been called the Champions of Kenall before, but we are not. We are simply five Kenallese, chosen by the Great Life Priest Feratel, to search for Nekarra. Am I not being clear? Let me explain...

In the beginning, there was nothing except the Wind, and the Wind blew forth from its breath four Giants of Creation: the Green Giant, the Red Giant, the Blue Giant, and the Black Giant. The Green Giant created the elves and the animals and all of nature, making for herself three earthly and peaceful worlds - Gai'ala, Nepotom, and Terral. She is our Nature Mother, the patron Giant of the Elves.
The Red Giant created fire first, and he soon moved on to dragons, dwarves, firewizards, and imps. Lateth, as they call him, made the Sun and Stars, and the volcanic world of Nett. The nine Great Gods of Fire are his servants, and they alone hold the Keys of Heat, Burns, Lava, Steam, Smoke, Vapor, Firelight, Melting, and Scorches.
The Blue Giant made seven Waterworlds: Narali, Saryn, Ytriss, Werea, Zalat, Ibene, and Mnemo. She made the nymphs and the dryads, and populated the other worlds of the Red and Green Giants with them. She spread water over the earth, so that all creatures could grow, and made the Lily Faeries to watch over all the waterfalls.
The world continued peacefully, until the Black Giant awoke from his terrible slumber and cast the forces of Death over everything. Sickness, poverty, famine, crime, and discontent spread throughout every world, destroying everything in their paths. Soon, the Wind blew the Black Giant away, and the planets began to slowly regain their strength, but Death had hidden a fleet of Dark Riders on every single one. The Dark Riders, they say, grab the living and pull them into the World of the Dead, and turn them into Undead so that the forces of the Black Giant will grow and grow until they are strong enough to take over the universe, and everything will be swallowed up, only to begin again. That is the cycle, that is the circle we are bound to repeat.

The First Age was a time of great feasting and fun. The Green Giant's nature forces cleansed the universe, and all was right as water flowed everywhere from the great mouth of the Blue Giant. Lily Faeries and Elves roamed everywhere, spreading life and beauty in all things and places.

The Second Age was when the Red Giant took hold of the universe and shook it so that on all the worlds, volcanoes spread and spread until rivers of lava destroyed the Lily Faeries and five of the great Waterworlds, so that only Ibene and Narali remained. The Blue Giant struggled to keep her control as the Red Giant tormented her creations.

The Third Age brought the coming of the Wind once more to blow the Red Giant back, and the Yellow Goddess brought winged horses and kindly white dragons into the universe to spread goodwill and beauty once more. The Blue Giant has since receded into darkness, and the water supplies grow thinner every turn.

Th Fourth Age, or the Age of Nekarra, lifted the universe even more from its depths. The Green Giant created Nekarra, a colossal, heavenly temple far above the land in a separate world of its own, Elbeth. Waterfalls flowed in recognition of the Great Blue Giant, and lovely lilies grew all over this world to remind the creatures of Kenall about the horrid events of the Second Age. It was said by many that Nekarra was where the true servants of Green and Blue would go when done with their life on the worlds of Kenall. There, they would be rewarded and become a god or goddess, watching over their own new world in Kenall.

The Fifth & Sixth Ages were a time of slumber. The Giants quietly watched Kenall, creatures lived their lives far away from cities of old in small, solitary huts, and the Red Giant plotted to himself.

The Seventh Age was where the Red Giant's plots truly began. Red Dragons fought White Dragons, Pegasi fought Imps, Firewizards fought Water Mages, and the nine Great Gods of Fire held out their keys and unlocked the worlds that held the Black Giant's Dark Riders, warriors of the night. Virtually all good beings died, and the Wind blew furiously for many, many, many turns until, at last, only a few sparse forces of the Black Giant remained, and all that was left of the Red Giant's forces were the Red Dragons and a few tribes of dwarves.

The Eighth Age began the "rebirth" of Kenall. The Green Giant brought life and beauty back to the fire-stricken worlds, and ruins of marvelous cities were rebuilt by Elves. The Green Giant's nature forces were repopulated, and the few White Dragons that were left spread goodwill once more. The Yellow Goddess placed magic crystals and sparkling streams of Eternal Life throughout Kenall, and at last it seemed to be nearly right in the universe again.

The Ninth Age brought sharp famine and horrendous sandstorms to Kenall. Worlds were blown apart, emaciated creatures died rapidly, and Elves and White Dragons alike struggled to heal the wretched universe from its disease.

With the Tenth Agecame health, peace, and prosperity. Kenall's creatures returned to their golden homes, and the past was all but forgotten as everyone but the Elves lived in lavish delight and stuffed themselves with food and incredible luxury. Elves recorded the history of years past, so that the noble lives that had been lost for the sake of the universe would not be forgotten.

So that is our history - we search for the Nekarra of the Fourth Age. So let me tell you about the other believers in Nekarra, as believers are rare now in Kenall.
Priest Feratel, who sent us on this quest, is a very old man, but he's a very agile and quick mind. He always wears deep green robes made out of the rare, soft cloth from caterworms in northern Ibene, and he is constantly with a book in hand - or trying to decipher the Old Records that the Blue Giant left. Since water is getting less and less availible, we must try as hard as we can to figure out how to make it for ourselves from the instructions she gives us.
I am an Elf of Terral, and my name is Larith. I carry with me a small dagger, given to me by my mother, and my staff of spells. Most Kenallese believe that I am strange, keeping all my magic in one staff that can easily be stolen, but I have reserve spells in my short wand - it is just easier for me with a staff. I am not a very advanced mage yet. I do know much history, and I have a sharp sense of direction. I can usually make sense of any map I am given, no matter how confused it is.
Napali, our white dragon, has been with me since birth. He can talk to me only in my mind, which has proved useful so far in my life. At a young age, he drank from a stream of Eternal Life and so he is untouchable - some say that may have transferred to me, since he is my dragon.
We travel also with an earth dwarf, excellent at tunneling, digging, and mining. He is also very quick, and skilled with the bow. Anagi, as he is called, loves the stories of the Lily Faeries that have been passed down over the centuries, and has vowed to find one on our way to Elbeth. He thinks that the universe needs to believe in something good like Nekarra, or we will all be tempted to join the Black and Red Giants in their conquests.
Tenitan, a human, is a tall, beautiful woman. She is a very, very experienced mage, and I am glad she has joined us. She, too, fights strongly for Nekarra and the forces of Life, and she wants her beliefs in the mystical planet of Elbeth to be confirmed. She is a very quiet but wise lady, and I am sure that she will keep us out of most mishaps on our journey.
Our last companion, Erolar, is hot-tempered but sweet - when he wants to be, that is. His huge sword never leaves his side, and he is as quick as the old Warriors that defeated so many Dark Riders. Always upbeat and funny, he can cheer the most downcast of souls. The only thing that people tend to dislike him for is his carelessness and arrogance, and though I like him very much, I think he would forget everything but his sword in a tough situation.
That is who we are - that is our task - and everything else is yet to come.

Author's Note: Hope you liked this...my first venture into a larger world. I love Kenall! Funny what your mind can create at 2AM sometimes. *wink* Please review and tell me what you think, I might do more. If you'd like to do Kenall fanfic, ask me! I'd be SOOO honored that I'd probably just sit there speechless and then tell you, "yes." ;) Oh, and also - no criticism on the Story of Kenall such as, "you didn't explain this," or "this was unclear." Take a close look at creation stories in real cultures - they're not that clear either. I was trying to be realistic.