Dreams long forgotten,

Drift away aimlessly

Cast aside into the shadows

Useless hopes

Pathetic wishes

But, DreamCatcher

Your pleasure is my pain

My sorrow gives you joy

How happy you've become

Everything I've stood for

My hopes and fantasies

All my dreams

You have them now

You're the thief of my mind

And everyone knows:

Thieves are hard to catch

Very hard to catch

My wings are shattered

My halo broken.

It couldn't have been difficult

They were already fragile

Physically tormenting was past you

It was mentally


That you struck your hardest blows

Dependent only on your lies, DreamCatcher

You have everything I've ever stood for

I have nothing to live up to

My life is pointless without dreams

As unimportant as my cries for help

Because nobody can hear me

Nobody can find me DreamCatcher

My dreams were my only true voice

And now it's gone

My voice is gone


The thief of my mind

A/N: This was basically about how some people might try to take away my dreams and everything I want to become. The "DreamCatcher" refers to all those people out there who just want everyone to be the same, which by the way isn't gonna' happen. Well, the poem isn't that great…it's actually kinda crappy. Review if u want