"Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines."

My name is Quinn Loren, and I am the second child out of seven. Usually, people don't begin by saying what order they come in the family, but for me, I feel like it's important.

I mean, if you were the second oldest in a family of seven, you'd understand the importance of it. Well, maybe you wouldn't, but for me, trust me, this is one of the most important aspects of my life.

Above me is Zackary. He's two years older than me, so when I was born, he didn't really care all that much, save for the fact that now he got less attention from the strange people who he later learned were his aunts and uncles. I guess we get on ok now, but he was a total freak when he was a teenager… ugh… stupid head.

Below me is Derek, who's a year and a half younger than I am. I guess that I get along better with him than I did with Zack, because I could bully him around, using my superior age as a factor. Of course, he's taller than me, but by the time that he started to REALLY grow, he was MOSTLY out of the age where he felt the need to kill me.

After Derek's Emily, who's three years younger than me. Now, trust me, if there was ever a little goody-two-shoes to live, it was my sister Emily. She's such a little suck up! I mean it! Even when she was little, she'd never cry unless something was really wrong, and she never ONCE tried to cut off her own hair, much less Derek's hair. Um… not like I've tried either…

Ryan comes after Emily, and I guess for an annoying little perfectionist, he's ok. I mean, Ryan's like… oh, let me think… five years younger than me, so the age gap is big enough, but he's quiet, and isn't really a people person, unlike everyone else in my family. I guess that I don't know the kid as well as I should, but really, he's not telling us anymore about himself than necessary.

Next it Laura, who's eight years younger than me. She's sort of a cross between Emily, Ryan, and Me. She's loud, but she's also pretty quiet, and she won't try to get in trouble, but it happens sometimes. She's a little sweetie, so I guess that I sort of favor her as compared to the others, but whatever. She's cute.

Lastly is Baby. Well, his name is Aaron, but being the youngest, he was dubbed 'Baby' long ago. He's like… man, eleven years younger than I am, so he gets pampered by me as well. Baby's a lot like me as well. He's sorta… loud, annoying, and very opinionated. Of course, he's not very bright, but ha, ha, you didn't hear it from me.

So that's my family. Excluding my parents and pets of course.

There's Mom… Well, she's crazy. Between her and Dad, it's easy to see where everyone came from. She's all energetic and happy, and Dad's sort of quieter, cynical, and dry. They're nice people, I guess, but as parents go, they're rather out of it.

And I mean that in more than one way.

Well, whatever. I guess my story actually begins when Raenkaeyal came. Now, isn't that like, the dumbest name that you've ever heard? Seriously, the elves have NO style when it comes to names.

Well, yeah. When Raen came.

I was seventeen, and a junior at the local, public high school. Both of my parents seem to have this thing against private schools, since they never attended one. Well, anyway. I was a junior, Zack was off as a freshman in college, and I was attempting to have the time of my life.

It wasn't really working. I mean, it's hard to have fun when you're bogged down with homework, college applications and work, but I was trying anyway.

Trust me, it's aggravating having five younger siblings who sit around and complain that they have, oh my gosh, FIFTEEN WHOLE MINUTES OF HOMEWORK! Ugh! Annoying little buggers!

My Mom was currently working up near the Elvish Lands, since she had a doctorate in Elvish Studies, which I guess was rare, and made her important.

Currently, wars were going on between the elves, which sucks for us humans, because it means that being this close to the border, it tends to rain a lot, and the mornings are always so foggy that I almost don't dare drive to school. Also, when the battles are magical in nature, it sets the animals on edge… a chipmunk once tried to rip out my throat…It was super creepy.

Well, anyway, I'm rambling off again! Mom was working up there, trying to diplomatically solve all the elves problems, and Dad, who's a pilot, was away too, leaving me in charge of the house.

When this happens, nothing good EVER comes out of it.

Derek always wants to invite his reject friends over to have video game wars, Emily pretends to be virtuous in her room and in the kitchen, Ryan just sits there reading, Laura tries to ride the dogs or bury them alive, and Baby some how always manages to destroy something.

"Sooo…" Derek leaned against the doorway into the kitchen, crossing his arms. "I was thinking about inviting a couple of my buds over to-"

"No." I glared at him, pausing in the process of setting the table. "Absolutely not. You're totally going to eat all of our food, get the basement all dirty, as well as annoying the heck out of me. No way."

"Oh come on! That NEVER happens, Quinn!" Derek protested, suddenly getting desperate. "I NEED to have a social life! You're just jealous because you don't have any friends!"

Now THIS was a ballant lie. "I have NO idea what you're talking about! Go away."

"I NEED TO HAVE A PARTY!" Derek bellowed.

"SHUT UP!" I screamed back.













"Why are you two swearing at each other? Don't you know that there are CHILDREN in the house?" Emily demanded, appearing out of nowhere.

Derek and I stopped to glare at her.

"Go away," Derek muttered, frowning. "I'm trying to yell at her."

"Yes, I know, but you can't start swearing. Laura and Baby have innocent ears," Emily continued patiently, as if we were the children.

As if to prove this, Baby pushed his way past Derek into the kitchen. "Dammit!" He shrieked, obviously delighted.

"BABY!" Emily gasped, absolutely scandalized. "You mustn't say that!"

Baby cackled, and bounced over to me, looking over at Emily. He stuck out his tongue, and clung onto my arm, pleased with himself.

"Emily…" I sighed, and ran my free hand through my hair. "Could you just… I dunno… go away or something? Now really wasn't a good time to interfere…"

"No! I'm not going to let you two swear at each other, and teach Baby bad words! It's just not right!" Emily said, placing her hands on her hips. "Apologize to Baby!"

"For WHAT?!" Derek asked, annoyed. "It's not OUR fault that Aaron was listening!"

Derek's the only one who calls Baby by his real name, which is strange, because not even Mom or Dad call him Aaron.

"You were swearing in front of him!" Emily said, really getting angry now.

"Well we didn't MEAN to!" Derek snapped, glaring down at her.

"Well you did ANYWAY!" Emily insisted.

See what I mean? It just sucks being in charge.

So, I just rolled my eyes, shook Baby off me, and continued to set the table. Tonight… heck, I didn't know what we were going to eat… Sometimes I wished that Zack was still around to cook dinner. He was seriously the only one in our whole family who actually enjoyed cooking, which really had its disadvantages. Mom hated to cook, Dad didn't know how to, and everyone else… well… needless to say, we have microwavable meals a lot.

Baby ran off, and suddenly, the phone rang.

"I GOT IT!" Laura yelled from some where, her feet pounding down the stairs.

Too bad! I picked up the nearby phone, raising my eyebrows as Laura thundered into the kitchen, breathlessly hanging onto the nearest chair.

"Hello?" I asked, looking away from Derek, Laura, and Emily, who were all watching me.

"Hello, dear!" Oh… it was Mom…

"Hi, Mom," I said, sighing. I had been hoping it'd be one of my friends, saying they'd adopt my siblings.

"How is everything at home?" She asked, sounding as if she was hiding something.

I decided not to beat around the bush. "What have you done now?" I demanded, leaning against the kitchen counter.

"Ha, ha…" My mother laughed loudly, and I rolled my eyes, waiting. "Well… now that you mention it…"

"What did she do?" Laura wondered, climbing up onto the table.

"Get off!" Emily gasped loudly, almost causing me to not hear what Mom was saying.

"Well… You know how the Elves are at war?"


"WHAT SHE DO?!" Laura thundered.

"SHUT UP!" Derek and Emily yelled back.

"Well, one of these elves, King Kaeylanir, was killed in battle, orphaning his son, Raenkaeyal… and… I… adopted him."

"WHAT?!" I seriously dropped the phone. Hastily, I picked it back up. "WHAT DID YOU DO?!"

My mother laughed nervously on the other end. "Adopted him… Oh, don't worry, Quinn. Raen's a nice boy. He's very sweet, and luckily, I've known him for a long time, or he'd be seriously in depression from all of the death around him…He needs looking after, love, and friends."

I didn't believe it. I mean, I SERIOUSLY did NOT believe what she had just done. Um… HELLO?! She already has SEVEN KIDS!

Silently, I held out the phone, in way too much shock to even talk to my mother any more.

There was a brief struggle for it, while Derek, Emily, and Laura all argued loudly, whacking each other, until Derek, being tallest, won.

"Hello? Mom? It's me, Derek. What's going on?" He asked, stepping onto a chair, out of reach from Emily and Laura.

He paused, and I watched in my dazed state as Derek's face became blank, and then suddenly angry. "ARE YOU INSANE?! WE DON'T WANT ANOT

HER ONE!" He chucked the phone at Emily, who slid out of Laura's way, and smiled gratefully at Derek.

"Mommy? What's going on? Why are Quinny and Derek mad?" She too, paused, and she gasped. "REALLY?! Mommy! That's…that's…" blinking, Emily took in a deep breath. "I…I don't understand, Mommy! Why would you do that? We… We were happy…" Shaking her head, she handed the phone to Laura, who grabbed it, excideted.

"Mom? Mom? It's me, it's your Laura! What's going on? Tell me!" Lauren shrieked, dancing out of the kitchen.

I heard her scream in the hallway. "REALLY?! THAT'S…. OPULENT!" She yelled. "RYAN, RYAN!"

"Opulent?" Derek turned towards me, looking exhausted. "This is all just a prank, right?"

Emily and I stared back at him. "I don't think so," I finally said, sighing loudly. "I mean… you know how weird Mom is. She can't resist adopting cats… why should it be any different for elves?"

Emily and Derek shook their heads.

Really, I should've been thinking. I mean, seriously, elves aren't like cats! Well, they are, but not really! I mean, when it comes to brains and thumbs, elves excel. Raen wasn't much like an animal…

No… not really at all.

A/N I hope you liked the first part! Ahh... I love this family... I wish it was my own...well, maybe not