I Could Have Helped You

By Sabeline Malenfant

I could have saved you.

I could have helped you.

Your life, I felt it melt away

-Your bloodstained tears beg me to stay

Stay with me, please don't leave me

All alone to face this darkness

I'm afraid, though I don't know why

You face this terror, yet are calmest of us all

We work frantically- well, they do at least

I'm Frozen



Of all the people I thought this could happen to

Never you

How many times I watched as you innocently played here

Never thinking of the possible danger

Never considering

Just how his would affect

My life.

Your life.

The children who witnessed

Are children no longer

Sadness has made them grow

Mentally, if not


They remain too short to reach the top of the play-house

Yet their eyes




I weep for something I could not prevent

I could not have known

What sadness this would inflict

Upon myself. Upon the three year old girl clinging to her mother.

Upon you.

Upon your mother.

In death, you stare terrifyingly calm

Unconcerned with the hysteria and tumult around you

You slip peacefully, smiling, into death.