This is spiritual because rereading it kind of made me feel religious or something, which happens sometimes, even to agnostics.

Your voice

Singing in the gym locker rooms.

I stop

The bustle of gossip

One second on pause

So beautiful.

Like an elegant oak tree in a field of

clearcut dirt.

Life goes back to chaos

Trying to gather my thoughts


I don't want to say

how beautiful you are

Inside and out

You'll contridict me

But the sight of your

golden hair and sweet


yes, innocent


brighten my day.

Snowball fights

Foamy late into the night

Hugs, bisoux

Squeezing the sadness out of me

Wiping my tears with your weathered thumb

It's seen more than I will ever know

But you still laugh in the snow, in the rain;

Still eating turtle Sundays in January.

Wanting to be with you always

I wish you were here now.

I will walk with you;

I will love your hairbrained songs;

I'll forget your bitchy days;

Like you'll forget mine.

I love you.

I'm sorry about the corniness but this poem just kind of came to me at 11:45 pm on a Friday night. What do you think? I would love youir feedback