A Fortnight Assumed For Slumber

Illusions of my dreams shrouded in sackcloth-
Lost to the famine of the land in the mirror-
Drought spread through my veins, dried waters
Replenished my thirst, a river of dust for me.

Rings bound to kings and queens, I plead to please
And aim to shoot my objective in mind, forged from their greed.
Send me off to faraway continents to spread your seed.
The vessel in question is searched and stripped.

Fend for myself, I throw myself, I land in a savage Earth.
Gaia permitting, her soul arising, 'shrooms to my presence:
Not bigger, not small, not a little tall.
I forgot to drink my potion.

The knight, benighted, on top of a horse he cannot ride-
My guide given to this land he has never seen-
Searched with his mighty inventions for a place to sleep-
He forgot I had arrived with him.

From the blue-scented sea to the green-tasting grass,
My senses were ransacked by smell and sight,
I was thrown off course by the sound of sleep-
Anchored was I to the forest of sensuous delight.

That grin...that wicked grin. Above and behind me,
Smiling the further my tracks descend into his grove.
His body hidden from my sight-
His whispers lead me to my assigned find.

"This karat of gold for your queen," he hissed,
"And this jewel for your king."
And in front of me appeared a curious feline
Holding in his mouth two rocks: A blood and yellow stone.

He laughed at the sight of my distraught confusion-
Lost my way and lost my guide and lost my mind-
Lost the scent and sight and sound of the sea.
I am lost in this mirror wonderland.

I awoke to the surprise of that cat.

I fell down and went back to sleep.