Dear Friend,

I am sitting in my remedial matimatica class. On a Saturday morning! How bummer! Really sorry your letter is arriving late, I was gravely ill. I was sick for a month, I had the chicken pox for the first time. I guess I'm well enough to be back in math. I non capisco perche scrivo la lettera. I parlo i'inglese perfecto. huffs

I suppose you are aware of the fact that our wonderful school's have decided to exchange letters to heighten our foreign language vocabulary. I am unsure of your school, but my school is perfectly fine, o well.

I do suppose that I should tell you a bit about me. I was born here, raised in Italy, then moved here when I was 10. I have 3 best friends, Carly, Tia, and Anna. (Here real name is Anastasia.) Together we have STAC our future fashion company, record label, casting Agency, and publishing house. That is when we are older.

Me- Actress

Tia- Fashion Designer

Carly- Singer

Anna- Author

We plan to stick together till the end. Well, I have to put this away before I get it taken away from me. Write Back!


Samara Valasca