Dear Malik,10-21-06

You came around! That makes me so happy! I cannot believe that I got you to come around. It makes me so happy. Oh wow, I'm good. Mio Buonssimo! Wow, I just won a bet, Thanks, I just won $50 bucks. Go me! Actually go you! Ok, Now I'm done rambling….

Anyway, its fine that your letter is late, I've been pretty busy myself, I have a little brother that I am always watching. He's 14 years old, and he's a little terror. His name is Travis, and He's a freshmen. I could kill him with my bear hands cause he keeps messing me up. He's such a little bitch, I could really, really kill him.

anyway, that's cool that your mom is a stay at home my, my mom is off doing movies and shit, but no one knows who she is so I don't see the point. My dad is off being important, so no one is really around, I raise my brother and in a matter of months, I'll be free. I turn 18 in March.

Your friend Andrew sounds cool I guess, My one friend just is addicted to guys, and then my other friend is obsessed with her pen pal, she doesn't even know him, and from their letter's he's a real jerk. I really want to find this guy and hurt him, mostly because he made my friend cry.

I would love to meet you at the dance. I think that it would be amazing to finally meet you in person. Well, kind of, Since it is a masquerade, we cannot take off our masks. Deal? I think that's fair enough don't you? I mean, maybe it would be fun things being all mysterious like that. I think so at least, Don't you agree?

Anyway, you should e-mail me sometime I check my e-mails every day, just make the subject your name. But I think that we should still letter like this because I dunno about you, but my grade stays on this. So we should e-mail and do all this.

I don't believe that your shy. You're a liar.


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