A month has passed since that night where Yoko was nearly killed and now she was sitting in her room, with guards standing outside her door. Since that night Rasmus demanded that she wasn't to go anywhere without someone with her for her protection, not that she protested; But she did think her father went too far. Guards outside her door were fine, but now under her window, all around the garden, and in front of every entrance to the house.

"He's only trying to protect me that's all, he's doing what every father would do if their daughter was attacked in the middle of the night by someone who broke in the house" Yoko reminded herself for the hundredth time in 20 minutes. But deep down she knew that whoever that man was he would be able to get passed the guards that she knew, and she knew that was what her father was thinking as well. Sighing she looked out the window at the sunset, her hand wrapped around her rose pendant. Her thoughts wondering back to that night. "That man he looked surprised and kind of unsure when he saw this pendant, but what does it mean, I've never seen that man in my life but he looks just like me and some how he knew my rose pendant from somewhere?" Yoko was talking to herself that she didn't notice Rasmus walk into the room closing the door quietly behind him.

"Yoko there is something you need to know, something I should've told you along time ago" he said as Yoko turned to look at him, confusion as clear as day in her eyes, "What do you mean papa?" Yoko asked standing up and walking over to the bed where her father was sitting down. "First of all Yoko, I'm not your real father"


"Yes, I found you on my door step as a baby, that rose pendant wrapped around your neck with your name on it. I took you in thinking that it was gods choice that you were brought to me, but I knew I had to search for your parents or at least one of them. I didn't have to search far though the next day outside the village in on of the farmers fields a young woman was found dead. I had a healer take a blood sample from you and that woman and it was proven that she was you biological mother; But she was dead and there was no way to bring back the dead. So I agreed to raise you hoping one day a man would show up and claim to be your real father, yet as time went on I didn't I wanted you to stay with me and not leave. I came to love you, and you came to see me as your father as I came to see you as my daughter . . . " Rasmus explained as a signal tear slipped from his eyes and down his cheek.

Yoko couldn't believe what she was hearing, for here was her father . . . no her fake father, telling her that she was found on his door step and that her biological mother was dead right after she was found. Tears slipped from her eyes as she stood up and ran towards the door, throwing open the door with a slam she ran from the room with Rasmus shouting for her to stop. But she just kept on running until she was out of the house, but she didn't stop there she ran and ran through the village heading towards the forest. Remembering what Rasmus said to her all those years ago, maybe she would find answers she was wanting in the forest answers that had plague her mind for years. Answers she wanted now.

Rasmus stood in the door way of his home, tears now flowing freely, a figure stepped out of the shadows behind her. "You did what was right telling her the truth!" the figure said. "I had to, I couldn't keep it from her forever mostly because you found her and was set on taking her back now that she was in little danger than when she was a baby. But promise me Ziv that you will look after her, she's not only your daughter she's mine as well I've raised her and I've loved her; So promise me you'll let nothing happen to her?"Rasmus pleaded turning to face Ziv whose eyes hardened, not a signal smile or grin came to his face. "I can't promise that mortal, she's a werewolf like me and like her mother was. She will forever be in danger now. But I as well as my men will try our best, now I must find her before she gets found by the wrong pack" Ziv stated running out of the house before Rasmus could say anything else and ran towards the woods in search for HIS daughter.

Yoko ran not caring where she was going in the woods, she just knew that she had to get out of that village for some reason. Maybe it was because she didn't feel safe there anymore, maybe that's what it was. Suddenly she fell face first to the ground, she had tripped over the helm on her own dress. Reality hit her hard when she looked around and found out she was lost, not caring that she was on the ground Yoko curled up shivering from the cold. Night had finally come and the springs cool air was causing goose bumps on her pale skin, deciding that she would figure something out in the morning Yoko fell asleep; Because of some strange reason she felt like someone was close watching over her.