The rape and perverse natural light
Scoffed a litter intrusion at night,
Leaving little clot in minds
To pay a tribute to otherworldly kinds.

Twisting nails further into flesh,
Serving rather quaint barons of agony.
A show to them, who have crucified
Their share of innocent babes.
Deaf to hear their pleas

A twinkle, a ring, a crystal ping-
Beckon the stars to dim,
Invoke the right to see-
Above all the world
His reign supreme.

The sardonic thunder screams
For total assimilation of the weak.
Pious monks shot in the knees
Descend to the dirt for prayer.
Laughing while the Earth shatters.

The stars ashamed, benighted and shattered-
Lost the hope of love and care of Jupiter-
As constellations one by one splattered
Onto the pavement of Amnesia.
Cries of immorality shook the heavens.

As Asmodeus invades the soul, destroys
The shine, the star in all-
Presides in the great hall where congregations
Adorn a child with talismans and charms.
Feast in meat and desecrations.

Erebus smites Apollo and Diana.

Minerva is slain by the hands of Eris.

All is adorned, all to behold-
All is abandoned and forgotten-
Left to ashes and dust.