The Baby Boy

"Mom! I going to babysit Jimmy at the Crow's house (the Crows are a family)." "Alright! Take care!" her mom said. "Okay, bye!"

At the Crow's house….

Lola (the girl) rang the doorbell. "Come in!" the lady inside said. She walked inside and saw Jimmy's parents in their jackets all ready to go out. "Bye, take care of my Jimmy!" the mom said. "Bye! Have a good time!" Lola said. They left. She walked into the living room and saw a baby with baby powder in his hands. "Awwww… Aren't you cute?" Lola said. The little baby looked at her. For some reason he looked mad. "NEVER CALL ME CUTE!" the baby screamed. "Did…did you just talk at the age of 3 weeks?" she asked. "BACK OFF! I've got baby powder!" He shot the baby powder at Lola. "HEY! You get back here! I'm gonna put you in your crib!" "NEVER!" He grabbed the curtain and swung across the room like George of the Jungle, except there wasn't a tree, there was an empty fire place. He crawled out. He was all black. "Are you okay?" Lola asked. "BACK OFF, I said" Jimmy screamed. Jimmy ran around the house destroying everything in sight like the Tazmanian Devil.

30 minutes later…

Jimmy's parents walked in the door. "WHAT HAPPENED HERE?!" Jimmy's dad screamed. "She did it!" Jimmy pointed to Lola.


Never trust a baby with baby powder


I know its short, all of them in this story are gonna be, but their supposed to be in this story.

By Totus