It seems


Everything is dying

Maybe it's just February

Two four six eight ten


Blink and he's gone

Goodbye Conor

I didn't know you

But Goodbye all the same, My Namesake

Add two more


Slip and fall, put her down

Poor dog, Poor little thing

I'm sorry Andrew

And Goodbye Chinook

And to those once-were halfway friends

You lost them, your old wisdoms

Both at once

There, pained but happy, then gone

It was to be Expected

I'm sorry Basement Friends

And Goodbye Lawful Fathers

And the intangible

Slowly decays, along with the corpses



In a flash, awfully sudden

Goodbye God

At least for now

And love

Love too

I sincerely hope you're dying, though I may be wrong

And I still can't say your name

But how I wish you'd die

And leave me be

So Goodbye, Screamer

Then the friendship

An aging relation, coupled with a cookie

Not getting along

There's something left, but it may not be enough

Cracks are surfacing

This cookie's crumbling

Slowly, slowly

But noticeable

I'm sorry that you changed


And Goodbye Faded Red Bird

Then Cold

The beautiful essence of my mind

You're leaving

Please come back soon

Goodbye Dear Winter

And family

Oh family


You beat him

You bastard, You beat him

You beat your only son

Then You ridicule

For being upset

Admit it

You were wrong

But I know You won't

Because anger's in your nature

And it's all you'll ever know

So Goodbye, Fluorescent Father

Goodbye to all you dying fools

I may have loved you once

And I may have never known you

But here I dig this Grave, so thus

Bury all you foolish hearts

Who knew not love like mine

And when your stone is long forgotten

I'll sweep away the vines

And remember all the poison times

We should've known could never last

And perhaps someday I'll walk way

And forget about this past

So Goodbye Conor

My sad friend's life

Goodbye Screamer

My indifferent love

Goodbye Chinook

A fallen Innocent

Goodbye Lawfuls

Basement Friends' wisdom

Goodbye God

Perhaps we'll meet again

Goodbye Birdie

Pale red lies

Goodbye Dad

I may never be rid of you

Goodbye Cold

I'll wait here for you

Goodbye To All You Footprints

And Goodbye February Death