I moved away (three months) after we´d gotten together

I thought we´d make it through..

we lasted (two months)...

we´d written each other every day

it was almost the same as it had been

then you were gone

all I had were my thoughts, my feelings, my hopes and fears

I cried on my moms shoulder

she said I´d been brave

-I thought I´d been stupid...-

you went for it , she said, even when you knew we were leaving

maybe she was right but I still felt stupid

you wrote me

(as though nothing had happened)

as if the year and a half of silence didn´t change a thing

like you´d just jumped over the time barrier

I was happy

happy to be able to hear your voice

(even after so long)

I thought you´d changed, grown

lived , felt and understood

but then you asked , can you send me a pic

and I said I looked the same..

but you still wanted a picture..

I send you one ,only because I thought you´d grown (it wouldn´t matter)

I guess you are still that 15 year old boy

the one that kissed me and told me he loved me

but never said goodbye

never let me say goodbye



I wrote this..

to tell our tale

the one of happiness and silence

of my openess and your hollowness..