Welcome back! To another exciting issue of insane rants! It's an issue full of issues! Second day back from vacation, expected to type without looking at my hands, I already do that, that's how I type in the inky blackness that is my room. Now that takes still, your eyes are half closed, your eyes are watering from staring at that screen all day and night because you've been locked in your room for no reason other then your parents are sick of looking at the face that you wear all the time. And they have the tenacity to say "Don't give me an attitude, young man. I won't have any of that back talk from you while you live under my roof!" I didn't ask to be your child, if I chose to be a child of someone it would be of an old person, like, Bob Hope, or someone cool like him, none of these guys like Jay-z or anything like that, wouldn't know how to raise a kid. Enough about my pathetic existence;

Back to more rational rants! Catcher in the Rye, what a fudged up book, all about being inside this guy's head, it's a psychological writing alright, but more of a Psychotic-warped-brain-intelligence-devouring-bacterial infection! Blah, blah, blah, dribble, dribble, dribble. That's all I hear out of Holden's mouth, and his thoughts, man is he a paranoid hypocrite. Enough of Holden, he's bothering me to much.

Now, to discuss the reason for my lack of foul verbal expressions, to be quite frank, it's because I'm in class and the teacher likes to read over our shoulders, and I don't want to be sent to detention for a stupid reason such as typing a foul word on a school computer.I must go, class is ending! Until next time! Here's a joke for ya!

Two men were captured by cannibals; they were taken back to the cannibals' camp and were stripped nude. They were then thrown into a big pot of water, set on a large fire to cook. The water kept getting hotter and hotter. One man began to laugh hysterically, his companion looked at him and asked, "why in God's name are you laughing?!" and the other guy responds, "I just pissed in their soup!"