We are demon hunters. We search for demons that are destroying villages or feeding humans or innocent creatures. My name is Kollus. My friends are Suto, Carly, and Cloe. We also have a flying lightning cat named Torrus.

"Kollus!" Suto screamed. "I sense demons in that forest over there!"

Before I go on I'll tell you about us demon hunters. First me, I have long black hair. I wear a black karate outfit and a red belt. I carry a sword with a sharp end. My friend Suto has short brown hair. He wears sort of raggedy close and he uses a black staff with the sign of the fire god on it. Carly also has long black hair. She wears normal close and she use ninja stars. Cloe, she has long brown hair done in a ponytail. She wears normal close and she uses two spears. Torrus is black with light blue eyes mixed with yellow. He has big fangs and he shoots lightning out of his mouth.

Suto and I were running into the forest while Carly and Cloe were riding on Torrus.

"Let's go!" I called.

We ran deeper into the dark forest. We saw glowing eyes.

"What the hell is that thing?!" I asked.

"Must be a snake demon." Cloe said as her Carly and Torrus rode into the forest from the top of the trees.

"Show yourself!" Suto screamed.

We heard leaves rustling. And then we even saw trees falling down.

"Must be pretty big." I said.

It came out with its big glowing eyes. It noticed Torrus. The beast chased after him.

"SUTO! Move out of the way!" I screamed.

"It's going after Cloe." I thought.

I grabbed Suto and jumped onto the snake. I stabbed his back with my sword. It turned its head. Its head was coming towards Suto and I. I jumped onto a tree.

"Kollus!" Cloe screamed. "Help!"

"What's the matter?!" I jumped off the tree and looked at Suto. "Stay here Suto!"


I ran up to Cloe. Cloe was on her knees in front of Carly.

"She got poisoned by the snake. I was thinking you could help." She said.

"What would I be able to do? Suto knows all the magic."

Cloe looked back at Suto. The snake was heading back for him.

"SUTO! RUN!" She screamed.

He looked behind him. He ran up to the rest of the demon hunters.

"Su…to help…me…" Carly mumbled.

"Don't worry Carly."He said. "I won't let you die."

He lifted his staff up in the air and said, "Heal!"

In the mean time, I was battling the snake with Cloe. The snake tried to bite Cloe, but I pushed her out of the way. She landed in a giant spider web. She screamed.

"A SPIDER DEMON!" she stabbed it with one of her spears.

She was stuck to the web. I was standing in front of the snake heavily breathing.

"This time you are gonna die!" I yelled.

I ran really fast, jumped up and stabbed it right in the forehead. As the snaked slammed onto the ground, I turned around crossed my arms and closed my eyes. I noticed Cloe in the web.


I ran up to her and pulled her off of the spider web.

"Thanks!" she said as she pulled her spear out of the big spider.

To Be Continued….


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