You see a picture-perfect image

Of a family

A mother

A father

A daughter

A son

The common family of four

You see their smiles in this photo

But what you don't see

Is something that no one wishes to see

The dark secrets linger in tension amongst the four

The mother,

She likes to get high

The father,

He enjoys the feeling of hand against flesh

The daughter,

She likes to hang out with the wrong crowd

And the son,

He is too confused to know the difference

They are too far gone

They're over the hill

And through the trees

Across the river

And through the fires of deceit

They smile in the photo

With its solid blue back round

But they frown when they see each other

They cry,

When they see the mother using a needle

They scream,

When the father swings his hand

They glare,

When the daughter comes home drunk

And they completely ignore

The presence of the son,

Watching the whole thing behind a door post

They look as if,

They care about each other in that photo,

But once they're all together,

They can't stand the sight of each other

You can't help them

You want to,

But you can't

You want to care for them;

You want to pity them,

But you shudder each time you lay eyes on them

With their high mother

With their abusive father

With their drunk daughter,

Who takes after her mother,

And the son who isn't there