Chapter 2

The Chase

Danae hid behind a tree that she was almost certain was a yew. Yew for Agila, the rune of protection. She remembered reading about runes. Back when she had been allowed to use her father's library. Back before . . .

At a slight hum at her left, she stood stone still. She saw Marjral fly past her, looking ready for a fight. Closing her eyes tight, she wished herself invisible. After Marjral was a fair distance away, the girl listened for the sounds of her father's assassins before becoming visible once more. She looked sadly at the moon for a moment. Sighing, she continued her journey.

After an hour had passed in silence, Danae heard something that chilled her to the bone. "Come out, Princess. . ." an assassin called her before laughing cruelly. "Your father sent me to bring you to him." No, he sent you to bring my head. Danae sighed at the thought. "So there you are." She saw the assassin a few yards away. Not bothering to raise her hood, she ran as fast as she could, praying to the moon for speed and safety.