Broken Heartedness left-

harbors infection

In the midst of idealism-

apple-scented candles, lily pads, and potpourri


My bliss is supplanted,

drowning in truth.

Recollections of days before,

merely snippets of

the innocence that once was:

drizzled in sorrow

Becomes too terrible to bear.

I had once forgot the reasons why,

By choice, subconscious

By chance, inopportune

As complacence resurfaced at,

my moment of Acceptance.


but then again,

The world isn't all roses without the thorns,

But rather:

Fields of sedatives.

And so

the sunlight flies from me,

and though I try to forget

The beauty I tried not to see,

The lingering notion of falling,

still haunts,

continues to pursue me.

Would I trade this in for

Happiness Unknowing,

Or live in the grief,

of these bittersweet strings?

The Cliché


-of carefully tailored soliloquies

occupy this space between us.


I had known:

The lines along your palms,

The way they crossed and divided,

With their cognitive sense of infinity.

Unsung arias entrenched in our souls.

The brief intimacy of harmony

As invisible threads connected us to the


I had been there in the sable hiding,

with you,

though in the abyss unseen.


unfaltering, life claimed lives.

Blissful ignorance to transmute into

grim anxiety.


created yet still nonexistent,

expelled only as vapor.


something became of:

Who we once were,

Where we belonged,


Your comfort was once,

my ambience.


So as it fades.

We walk shoulder with apart,

sweaty hands inside pockets.

And when the silence of

all the dust of dreams,

suspends us there-

All I can breath is

A Sigh.

-Cindy Moon 2/21/05

A/n: I apologize for the spacing; I'm trying my best to work with fp's formatting.