It is said that it takes a desert rose to bring out the beast in some people, this tale is of how such a rose brought about the worst in a soul, trying to bury them under mistakes that were never theirs to begin with. Even as the sands of time continue to blow grudges build and lust finds itself tearing out the hearts of even the most docile of souls. From here I will take you to such an event in the desert sands of New Mexico not even half a decade before.

It was September and our family was preparing to move out of our pleasant mountain home to go down into the depths of the American desert. I was expecting it to be a pleasant change from the snow capped peaks that glistened continuously in the distance, they were the symbol of my home and would always be so. The drive down was interesting enough, watching the landscape eventually die off as we dove further into the state, that dry desolate place. Watching through the tinted windows I couldn't help but feel like we were wandering into some ancient graveyard forgotten by time.

When we arrived our my family was placed in a small suburban house with a single pecan tree towering in the back of a well groomed bluegrass yard. It was plain, quaint, and though I finally got my own bedroom detached from my little brother, the place felt like a maze, every room attached to each other. Every time I did manage to doze off it was followed by strange dreams, dark thoughts beginning to cloud my vision. It was not until I managed to get into the school band that my mind finally begun to wander.

She was sitting with the flutes, second chair in the band, red died hair dangling to the sides of her ample features. It only took me a few seconds before I found myself infatuated with her, watching with a ceaseless amount of interest as her thick, bushy, vulpine tail swathed against the floor. Had I not noticed the soft curves of her face and the pronounced curves of her hips I would have possibly ignored her, but that was not meant to be. Like a clicking of two joists against each other I knew that she had to be mine.

As time progressed I grew gradually more bold in my approaches, first allowing my usually shy self to speak to her which turned out disastrous, getting me absolutely nowhere. Taking gradually strides to find some way to her I tried desperately to find a way around her reclusive ways but her ears always seemed to catch me before I could move close enough to speak to her, that and her cheating male companion at the time, was not helping my case. The military eventually came to consume him, removing the panther from my way but the object of my desire seemed to have already acquired another boy toy. Thanks to the trips that the band occasionally took every few years, I thought I might be able to catch her alone for myself in Hawaii.

I was unaware of her and that little shaggy mutts relations for a good long time, blissfully unaware for the most part but things in the island state were not as they seemed. The panther had somehow managed to come along, after being dishonorably discharged from service and being, in my own words, possibly the worst living creature to be around her. It was there that I swallowed my pride for the time being, letting things wait out until I could carve my own pathway, through him if necessary.

Taking in the sites of Hawaii was wonderfully, and the added benefit of seeing the vixen in nothing past a bikini was more than enough for my mind to fall deeper into the transendial gutter of need as every sway of her hips made me wish to have her more.